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Implementing A System to Hire – Choose Wisely, Hire Slowly, Fire Quickly

This is the first of seven in a series on how to hire.

Your Goal: Place Difference Makers and pave the way to your clients Succession Plan

Step 1 – Attract the Right Candidate

Rope them IN! (Short and sweet – remember you are always to be selling) – Whether you are or you are not advertising, pre-create your job pitch and have everyone on the team read and be able to recite it. As you create it – speak to the perfect listener; sell Jill Brown through Jill Brown’s eyes. In the case of sales, if you want a high Dominant person, use dominant words (adventuresome, competitive, and decisive). If you want a person who is a natural influencer – then use those types of words (charming, confident, convincing) people will hear themselves and be attracted – as like attracts like.

Don’t under estimate how detrimental a mixed message can be to the right candidate. Sales people wont respond to an ad or a live ‘pitch’ that says – ‘bring your detail skills and let them shine’. No matter what we want to think, sales people are cut from a certain mold. Speak to the mold.

A good resource for this type of learning is Go Put Your Strengths to Work, By Marcus Buckingham or Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez


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