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If We Ran The State Of California Like It Were A Business…Then What?

Meg Whitman is running for Governor of California. Carly Fiorina is running for Senator. I have read about and been watching both of these executives vie to turn their business expertise into government reform. We have seen what happens when War Generals run government. We have seen what happens when we have Movie Stars run it. We have seen, experienced and grimaced a spoiled child running the government, and now….we have the possibility of experiencing two high powered business

woman take their expertise and push California to the next level.

As the founder of KeenHire, I built my company to help other companies lay the foundation for operational excellence and put systems in place to achieve the expected results. We work with leaders of mission driven companies who are committed to making an impact and know the only way tot do that is to surround themselves with the right people. It starts by designing a company’s organizational infrastructure, implementing systems that bring for the best hires and then establishing protocols that ensure maximize workforce performance. I understand government is somewhat different because it is not just your team you have to worry about it is Legislators and the like. I still think it starts in your office, with your team and it ends with you honoring your word in the matter of keeping your promises.

I expect that whether Meg Whitman gets in office or Carly Fiorina lands a Senate seat that both will bring best business practices to California. In my opinion, the ads are right; the country and the state must start operating like a for profit business and not like a government agency with zero accountability for performance measurement to it’s customers.

Meg & Carly, are you reaching out and speaking to business owners? Are you addressing performance management issues that are holding the state of California hostage? In your plan have you laid a foundation to build your team like you would build the Google or HP teams? Do you have an on boarding plan? Have you established performance metrics for yourself and your organization? Have you created a recruitment process so you can make your mark beyond the election?

We all know it is time for a change in California, however ads alone wont win the race. A specific plan of action and real time grass roots efforts addressing ‘how the changes will occur’ and ‘by when’ are mandatory. Are you making phone calls to business owners and executives, asking what they need and sharing how your administration will positively effect business?

In my research I found the below post/question, I think it sums it up for each and every business owner and Executive that I have spoken with. Carly….Meg….are you answering these questions? I would like to see and hear about your town hall meetings. I would like to see and hear the answers to my and others questions. I am on your side and I want to help. I however don’t get sucked in to fancy ads or competitive slam campaigns I want results, like you would want if you hired me to generate sales or votes.

Show us the results you will produce and we will show you votes!


I run a high tech business in Los Angeles where the cost of doing business for me and my employees is becoming prohibitive and I considering moving the operations to another state.

From my perspective, running a company is different from running the state. I fire under-performers. The legislators don’t work for you. You can’t fire them. You can’t induce them to perform to your liking.

So my question to you is “How?” How do you put through your initiatives? How to get the lawmakers to break the log jam? It’s great to have strong plans for improving California, but if you can’t break the legislative log jam, you will be reduce to cutting ribbons rather than cutting budgets.

I do hope you can provide a frank and direct answer to the perennial problem we have in California.



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