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Human Capital Executive Forum – For Consultants & Practioners Only held their first Human Capital Executive Forum in Silicon Valley

today and it was amazing. With very little marketing and promotion we had a full room!

Keenhire and our affiliate partners are moving forward with events like this in key geographic areas close to you!

WE hosted VP’s of HR and various executives of Human Capital Solution firms, the conversation was amazing, open and fruitful.

I am crystal clear that being the trainer for the accreditation in retention is one of the best moves I have made in my career. This is a no brainer when you see things like Korn Ferry and Heidrick offering similar services and stating future revenue growth on these talent management service lines. After all it is selling a new service to the same contact, and with the eons of information gathered in the staffing process, the management strengths and weaknesses, who better to consult the firm on it’s human capital issues. There are currently about 35 certified retention specialists through NAPS since the inception 18 months ago. We are moving full steam ahead and have a goal to certify 100 recruiters and staffing professions in 2009. If we as an industry want to expand our capacity for growth and profitablity in good times and in slow, we need to step it up and master the whole human capital picture.

Put your future in your hands and learn about these powerful Human Capital Strategies that impact retention, from Top Grading and Benchmarking to Engagement and Succession Planning. The time to alter YOUR future is NOW.

One more tidbit.

If you are someone concerned for your customers’ end game, and committed to producing ROI solutions join my linked in group -KeenHire Talent Solution Providers – you will receive special invitations to free and key events, webinars and seminars.


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