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How Keeping the Wrong People Affects Culture

Keeping the wrong employee negatively affects a company’s culture. Financial loss, diminished sales, workplace hostility and micromanagement are the consequences of retaining a mis-hire. These ramifications

may not only hurt your company in the short-term, it may also have severe consequences on the future of your company.

When your company decides to keep a mis-hire longer than expected, it sets off a chain of events that ultimately hurts your company and your employees. Looking at the complications that result from keeping the wrong people at your company provides critical insight on how to avoid these consequences.

  1. Employee Engagement and Productivity Declines.

When HR mis-hires because of false information on resumes or hiring on automatic, there is increased risk of hiring the wrong people. This results in employee engagement and morale suffering. The consequences can severely hurt a company. It can lead to a productive employee leaving the company because they are negatively affected by the mis-hire.

Other consequences can involve employee engagement suffering. There is a lack of productivity in the workplace by keeping the wrong people, which leads to more financial losses due to increased trainings.

  1. Consumer Engagement and Experience Suffers.

Hiring the wrong people and keeping them may cause a negative experience for customers. Keeping the wrong people who need to be retrained because of their poor work performance leads to unsatisfied customers.

Companies rely on customers’ positive experiences to keep them happy and coming back. Keeping a disgruntled employee who lack the proper training will cause a poor experience with a customer. It will damage a positive experience for clients, vendors, and those affiliated with the company.

  1. Product Sales Drop.

Keeping the wrong people who do not value the company culture will not believe in the company product. They will not understand the value or the innovation behind the product or the management team that works relentlessly to produce quality products for the customer.

  1. Lack of Trust Cultivates in the Workplace.

More trainings result in more financial loss, which results in less trust for employees who don’t value the company. This develops a culture of micromanaging, ensuring the mis-hire is properly trained. There is a lack of trust. It causes the management team to micromanage the mis-hire as well as oversee others because there is more risk involved.

  1. Urgency to Fix the Problem.

After a company realizes they’ve hired the wrong people, there’s an urgency to re-hire, to fix the problem. Loss of productivity, customer support, products, employee engagement causes an urgency to re-hire. The urgency to re-hire, however, is likely to cause another mis-hire, which in turn will continue to negatively affect the culture of the company.

Conscious hiring is the solution. It involves hiring people and their values. Conscious hiring focuses on knowing what motivates the person with an end goal in mind. This kind of hiring is more patient, creating lower turnover and increased employee retention and engagement. Overall, conscious hiring is built for employee retention around a company’s values and culture. It is designed to produce productivity and avoid the mistake of mis-hiring.


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