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How Hires Affect Culture

Poor hiring affects workplace culture. Your core values, financial risk, employee morale, and workplace productivity are all at risk when a company hires poorly.As a result, there are damaged workplace relationships. There’s an overall loss of business revenue. Avoiding poor hires will not only prevent these mistakes, it will prevent a business from going under.

That is why it essential to understand the basic principles of a company. You must evaluate how an employee will affect your company’s culture. Consider evaluating these principles:

  1. How will hires affect your core culture?

What are your core values and how will they be affected by a poor hire?

A poor hire will poorly reflect a company’s values. It will lead to poor employee engagement and collaboration. As a result, leadership and innovation suffer in the workplace.

Core culture is built around values. Management should identity these core values in the person they hire. A company should hire a person that represents the same values and character traits. A valuable hire will affect your core culture by producing innovation. They will have identical values and character traits as your company.

Training employees and leaders on values and to be people-centric rather than training them to focus on duties, guidelines, and practices, will cause employee engagement and performance to exceed your expectations.

Companies that hire around core culture understand how to empower employees. It allows employees to play to their strengths rather than focusing on a specific skill set. When companies hire with this mindset, it builds powerful teams that are mission-focused. These teams collaborate to innovate and bring more purpose and positivity to the core culture of their company.

  1. How will hires affect your current team?

Poor hires will negatively affect your team in the short-term and long-term more than just financially. Poor hires will cause disfunction among your team, which results in less innovation and less teamwork.

A valuable hire will empower your current team, positively affecting the culture. It will cause employee optimization, engagement, and retention. Identifying key players innate abilities and traits will provide innovation and eventually internal promotion, instead of external hiring.

Research shows that these factors will affect a company’s culture and team:

  1. Environment.

  2. Relationship.

  3. Support.

  4. Development.

When each of these are positively expressed in a company, it gives an employee more motivation to succeed in that company.

  1. How will hires affect your customers?

Employees who don’t share the vision of the company will have a negative impact on the consumer’s experience. The poor hire will affect company culture with higher financial risk, lower productivity, and a significant decline in team engagement.

A hire that shares your company’s values will promote a positive customer experience. Employees who share the same values as the company will have more motivation to succeed. They feel aligned with the company, to thrive and engage with their team and the customer.

There is significant upside with conscious hiring. There is more excitement from employees about one’s work, an opportunity to grow within the company, belief in the mission and vision of the company, and mutual respect among employees and between employees and leaders.

Avoid mis-hiring and start consciously hiring for a better future.


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