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Hiring Tech/Software Employees in the 2010s

Technology and software is developing at an incredible rate and it will no doubt continue in this vain in the years to come. Therefore, as technology advances and new industries are created (new roles and positions are generated within your company) how are you preparing yourself to find the best software developers and the best computer programmers in the business?

The employment and recruiting specialists at KeenHire know how difficult it can be to find the best software develop for your company because we are contacted every day by many businesses who are experiencing the exact same problem and who are finding it difficult to hold on to those creative and effective computer programmers once they have them within their grasp.

So what is the key to hiring the best software developers of the best computer programmers and then keeping those employees loyal to your company for years and years to come? How can you improve the way in which you approach the hiring of technology whizzes in the bizz?

Forget about the job boards The demand for technology experts is huge because the industry is developing fast and no business can really now survive and grow without an internet presence of some kind, so forget about advertising on jobs boards.

These places are scanned by millions of people every day and the majority of those so-called software developers or computer programmers are not going to be the real gems; they are not going to be the creams of the crop that you should be hiring for your company if you are looking for an computer programming employee on a long term contract.

No, no, no!

Be direct and relate to your potential candidate’s needs The answer (or at least one of the ways in which you can approach the hiring of software developers and computer programmers in the 2010s) is to go direct for the candidate, appealing to their specific wants, dreams and desires in a nutshell.

For example, think about the kind of things that a software developer might be looking for and start to promote that when advertising the available position you have in your company. Consider offering better working conditions for the computer programmer and make sure that your recruitment approach focuses entirely on highlighting projects that are bound to catch the attention of a computer programmer who truly has a passion for the work that they do and a real interest in the industry.

This kind of approach to the hiring or recruitment process of a computer programmer or software developer in the 2010s is what we at KeenHire call being an Employer of Choice.”

Contact the experts at KeenHire about the “”Employer of Choice”” approach to hiring and recruitment If you are intrigued as to what an “Employer of Choice” actually is and if you already think that it might be something that you would like to be


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