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Gaining Momentum: COVID-19 & the Evolving Workplace Environment

“An organization no matter how well defined is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” – Dee Hock

Today, due to COVID-19 & the evolving workplace environment,going to work no longer means physically moving from home to office. It is a psychological shift from one mindset into another.

The commute has been shortened to a few steps into a another room. Routine breaks and hourly lunches have given way to an increasing number of virtual meetings, while hoping to meet the next deadline without technological interference.

Employers are facing decreases in remote employee productivity due to home environment distractions, power outages, WI-Fi interruptions, and cloud based overwhelm, while employees are experiencing adverse effects of technological frustration, low-morale isolation and online inefficiencies.

In this rapidly changing, evolving workplace environment, how do business organizations and employees cope, in order to gain the momentum necessary to create continued productivity and overall growth?


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, workplace culture involved the interwoven relationship dynamics of energy; people meeting face to face, exchanging thoughts, ideas, and continuity – working together to solve issues to reach goals.

It involved teams working together, moving together, embracing the same mission.

Today however, because the evolving workplace is no longer tied to a common environment, it must be found within the individual.

Hybrid workplace models have grown from the isolation of sheltering in place, but have they created a counter-culture of dissatisfied roles or a lasting interpretation of the belief that we can do more as a team working together, even if we are isolated, working separately?

Thriving, evolving companies have realized that adopting new digital initiatives, creating the evolving workplace environment, are a critical component to success.

Investing in technologically advanced solutions such as cloud-based storage, internet security, and employee online program training is now more important than ever before.

Previously, purchasing and upgrading technological equipment, software, and online programs were thought of only to provide cost efficiency – now, however it’s the only resource for survival.


And while investing in technology is the life preserver

keeping the company afloat in stormy seas,

providing training for employees is the life raft.

It’s the support that will bring everyone safely to shore.

At KeenAlignment, businesses are telling us it’s taking more effort right now to get the same results than it took years ago.

That’s why we created a solution.

Momentum is a program that empowers, giving you and your team the opportunity to step back, to look inside, and to move forward together, committed to creating something extraordinary.


Momentum for Remote Teams is the training necessary to teach your organization how to approach the psychological aspects of our rapidly changing and evolving workplace environments; today we have a plan, it is outlined and we’ve worked hard to build the foundation to begin – tomorrow the rules have changed.

We must start again. We lose hope. We lose focus.

Momentum is just what is needed to keep us together, to keep us moving forward, rebuilding our framework during the challenging and changing times we are faced with.

Positively shifting an organization’s culture should not be done with a quick fix. There is no replacement for understanding and educating the people in the human system to lead, navigate, and operate well in the face of change. Leaders must become champions of change to guarantee the organization’s alignment. – Magi Graziano

For more information about Momentum for Remote Teams, a virtual leadership development program that drives breakthrough results in your remote teams – visit our website at


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