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Five Tips For Bringing Out The Best In Gen Y Workers

Generation Y workers, otherwise known as millennials, will be making up a significant portion of the new workers coming onto the market over the next couple of decades. That’s why it’s more important that ever to learn how to work with these emerging and workers so you can make the most of their potential and find them a great niche in the working world. While these workers are sometimes know as being outspoken and unable to take criticism, they are also technologically savvy and high performing in the workplace, making them both a challenge and boon to work with. Here are some tips to make the most of your experience.

  1. Emphasize and utilize technology. Because they’ve grown up using it, most Gen Y workers are more than familiar with using a wide variety of technologies from web work to cell phones. Let them use their skills to your advantage in the workplace by providing them with the technological tools to get more done.

  2. Allow for flexibility. Many Gen Y workers struggle with having to work late hours and make long commutes, especially when technology can allow them to do it at home. Offering the ability to work from home certain days of a week and meet other, non-traditional scheduling options will go a long way with younger workers.

  3. Offer mentoring. Gen Y workers will do well with a mentor around to show them the ropes or someone who can offer some more personalized guidance. It’ll enhance their understanding of the corporate structure, let them get criticism from someone they know and trust and build their confidence in the workplace in a more secure and individual situation.

  4. Run a tight ship. While they are good workers, many millennials will need extra supervision and guidance on the workplace. Make sure that the rules are laid out clearly, expectations are set and there is a clear corporate structure. Set up regular meetings with management to ensure that workers get the feedback and encouragement they need.

  5. Provide great training. Give your employees the skills they need to excel in the workplace by providing high quality, thorough training. Millenials will excel best with hands-on training where they learn through experience rather than through lectures and book-directed lessons. Training should focus on building communication, learning personal development and using feedback effectively to get the most out of workers.

This post was contributed by Amber Hensley, who writes about the online college reviews. She welcomes your feedback at AmberHensley1980@


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