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Filling The Recruiting Pipeline

While KeenHire specializes in training hiring managers, in-house and 3rd party recruiters in the capacity to “Choose their Talent Wisely”. we do not focus on training companies the crucial aspect of filling the pipeline. Sourcing and Selection are two very different worlds. One puts as many applicants in the pool as possible and the other sorts and selects the best fit for the fulfillment of the positions’ key objectives.

Given there is a War for Talent many companies fear that they can not afford to be highly selective in their recruitment efforts. The reality is while there is a war, there is also a recession which means certain industries are dying and with that is the emergence of talent from hidden sectors.

If you build your strategy effectively you will easily attract solid ‘core’ talent from industries that are highly compatible to yours. Yes, you may have to train the candidate to your company, products and services. However if you conduct the hiring process with thoroughness and integrity you hire ONLY the best suitable talent – rather hiring the best suitable experience (which we all know backfires when it’s the wrong ‘fit’). Either way you have to train a newcomer to your firm, so it is your choice whether you want to train and fix bad behaviors or invest in up front industry, product and service training.

To attract, hire and retain the “right” talent Keep in mind there are now a multitude of cost effective options and alternatives. Ensure your recruiters are highly skilled in both search and selection, or consider outsourcing pieces of the processes to firms or people who are highly skilled in a specific area, or make certain that your internal resources have all the tools & training they need to improve their hiring batting average.

Sourcing Candidates through the Job Boards

1) If you are open to using the boards to source candidates – hiring a 3rd party sourcing company might be a prudent option; these companies have armies of people who scour the job boards while we in America are sleeping. The average cost of this service is $1500.00 per search to $3500.00 per month. Different companies charge based on the deliverable. This emerging industry is rapidly taking their stake in the talent acquisition sector. Two great resources for this are Velocity Resource Group and PSG Staffing.

2) Resume Search Aggregation and Filtering – these are software of services subscriptions that take your job specifications and pull appropriate resumes from a multitude of job boards. This type of software can save your internal Sourcers or Recruiters hundreds of hours. Two great resources are Talent Hook and Talent Drive.

3) Hire an internal passive candidate Sourcer. If you chose this route make sure you are hiring a person who has no fear of rejection, is willing and able to make an abundant of outbound calls on a regular basis and who has a gift or strong interest in navigating around the internet. Training for these types of roles can be provided by Shally Steckerl of Job Machineand there are many other resources that can be found at the SourceCom conference.

Passive Candidate Acquisition: Social Networking

4) Linked in and Face Book are by far two of the most effective ways to find hidden passive talent. An excellent trainer for this type of recruiting is Jim Durbin of Durbin Media.

Good Old Fashioned Head hunting

5) How is your recruiter planning on building the list of who to call? Do they have the resources for list building; will they outsource this function; if so how much will that cost? There are two resources that I always hear great things about are Broadlook and Jigsaw.

This is just short list of some resources that will surely impact your talent acquisition efforts; the thing to remember is there is more than one way to skin a cat and there are currently hundreds of professional consultants whose services can impact your recruiting funnel.


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