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Excerpts From Think And Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

The Power of Thought

Desire:The Starting Point of All Achievement

Faith: Visualizing and Believing In the Attainment of Desire

Autosuggestion: The Medium for Influencing The Subconscious Mind

Specialized Knowledge: Personal Experiences or Observations

Organized Planning: The Crystallization of Desire into Action

Decision: The Mastery of Procrastination

Persistence: The Sustained Effort Necessary To Induce Faith

Power of the Master Mind: The Driving Force

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

The Subconscious Mind: The Connecting Link

The Brain: A Broadcasting And Receiving Station for Thought

The Sixth Sense:The Door To The Temple of Wisdom

How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

The Devils Workshop

So you might be asking yourself, “What any of this has to do with you, me, KeenHire or the price of tea in china?” I first began re-reading the book last spring, as a guide book to creating the company of my dreams. A company that would grow beyond anything I myself could fund, manage and control. What I have learned through studying this book and Napoleon Hill’s work is that success, personal and business is all a matter of the thoughts and actions of the people running the company. Instinct told me this when I first started in recruiting, and instinct again told me this when I trained and watched hundreds fail in my 25 years of managing and training people in the recruiting industry.

What I know now know is that a good leader will not only clear his own head, she will ensure she surrounds herself with people who are on purpose, committed and driven to achieve the the intention – no matter what anyone on the outside says.

Too often great ideas get squashed by negative comments, a great new potential hire quits just short of reaching a win, a solid performer gets promoted to their highest level of incompetence, a long term mission critical player gives one great idea after the next, yet their ideas fall on deaf ears and then they leave and everyone stands around and wonders what happened.

To run a great company, we must be great. To continually outperform the competition we must surround ourselves with top tier caliber people and all of us must execute our plans with intentionality and discipline. Success is not something that just, happens. Success is planned for and persistently pursued. Success is not a part time endeavor and it takes work.

As the economy shift and companies begin to hire, we all need to remember why it is that we had to lay so many people off. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stays in 2009 US companies, had an average turnover of 50%, while voluntary turnover stayed at around 22%. If these numbers are correct, why were our companies lopsided with overhead and how do we prevent that from happening again?

What do we need to do now, from a strategic stand point to re position our employee value proposition, so the best and brightest chose to join and stay with our firms?

In the research that Keen has done, we have seen and experienced companies who think attracting top talent is only a sourcing problem; others believe and report that it is a selection problem and others are going deeper and saying it is a management and leadership problem.

What ever the reason, the solution is up to you to resolve and execute for your company. Whether you are in HR, Recruitment or Talent Management the next five years will be the most exciting time for you to reinvent your personal value proposition. You will be called on to deliver much more than a great immediate cure to the pain of the day, you will be called on for strategic direction, insight and action.

Pick up a copy of Think and Grow Rich as there is a new version out, revised and expanded by Dr. Arthur Pell. There is an entire section on creating the job of your dreams and lots of great information on what it takes to lead in good times and bad. This book is an excellent addition to your personal collection.

Best of Success Margo


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