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Employment Retention begins with Effective Recruitment & Selection

It however does not end there.

When I started the KeenHire recruitment process in sourcing adventure it was my mission to transform the Recruiting and Staffing industry, to raise our industry’s level of influence, contribution and effectiveness. I was quite surprised by the high volume of recruiters, mostly 3rd party and contract, that met KeenHire’s mission with a strong resistance and in some cases an outright defiance.

With hindsight being 2020, I understand the concern that Recruitment professionals would have for being held accountable for the employee retention of people as they have no power or control once the offer is accepted. Furthermore, I get the frustration one feels when the recruitment function has no influence over new hire on boarding and 1st year performance management.

Innovative companies are aware and awake to the fact that employee retention certainly begins with appropriate recruitment and new hire selection, what’s new is that they are integrating specific retention based talent management functions with the recruitment process and impacting the whole talent life cycle. Progressive talent mindset companies are implementing customized on boarding programs, tailored employee development models, succession planning and laser focused performance management systems into the picture. The best companies educate and train their recruiters, including the 3rd party and contract recruitment resources to work inside their long-term talent strategy. In these leading companies, the Recruitment and Employee selection process is built and managed with the end in mind.

At KeenHire we experience just as many customers that hire us to implement employee retention strategies as for recruitment process in sourcing. The most common call to action we receive is everyone comes to us to impact their ability to attract and select the right people for their organization.

What most emerging and start up companies are surprised by is that selecting the right hires is only the beginning. When a company works hard to get the right people on the bus they must understand that great people expect to work for great organizations and great managers. If you hire an A player and surround them with C and D employment and talent management practices you are asking for unwanted turn over.

When your management team does not posses effective employee engagement knowledge and does not fundamentally understand how to get the best out of people and leverage their strengths, you experience unwanted turnover. When your management team believes that their employees need to focus on their current role and not where they can go in the future, the employees, specifically the high performers, slowly loose their passion and engagement in the role and the firm, and hence the result is unwanted turnover.

When a company wants to impact their ability to hire the best people, they must also consider the needed improvements they need to make on their management team, in specific functions and processes within the talent management life cycle.

As the employment marketplace heats up, particularly for high impact knowledge workers such as Sales and Engineers, companies choosing to compete through

the quality of their workforce must learn to dance with and appeal to their employees’ motivations from day one. Leading companies competing for mission critical, key contributor and next level leadership talent need to get in the hearts and heads of their people, understand what make them tick, match them with the right manager, create a vision of the future from day one, have systems and structures in place to cause on going engagement and build effective, customized performance management and employee development programs that maximize their people’s strengths.

Yes, this is a tall order, which is why companies like KeenHire Talent Management exist. We help our customers maximize their return on their people investments by installing customized world-class hiring and employment selection processes and by implementing leading talent management systems, processes and people.


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