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Employee Retention Strategy

Whether you are an emerging start up or established midsized company, employee retention is most likely a nagging concern. For most companies, the first group of employees they are eager to retain is the sales and management workforce. While a well thought out employee retention plan is not the solution to all problems, it certainly positions you to be an employer of choice for your employee of choice. It helps you to get out in front of the employee retention issues facing most companies today.

If you are not sure employee retention is a priority for your company, consider this:

In 2009 28% of companies had trouble attracting critically skilled employees. In 2011 the percentage grew to 59%.

If retaining your mission critical employees is not yet a priority, chances are it soon will become one. A key element of a good retention strategy is a solid Employee Value Proposition. This value proposition answers the question why would the ideal candidate choose you?” There are many methods to create an EVP


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