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Employee Retention

First and foremost, employee retention starts with effective recruitment. Basically, you must make sure that what you offered when you interviewed the candidate is what you deliver when they’re hired—and continue to deliver. Let’s face it: Now, more than ever, people have choices. Candidates have opportunities in abundance, from consulting to contract, remote and global opportunities. Not everybody wants the same thing, but for companies to retain loyal and excellent employees, they must be aware of what their individual employees want. When surveyed globally, employees consistently named the same elements that drive and nurture their engagement. The most common are:

  1. Confidence in organization’s future (mission / vision)

  2. Promising future for one’s self

  3. Company supports work / life balance

  4. Safety is a priority

  5. Excited about one’s work

  6. Confidence in company’s senior leaders

  7. Satisfied with recognition

  8. CSR efforts increase overall satisfaction

  9. Satisfied with on-the-job training

  10. Manager treats employee with respect and dignity


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