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Does Your Recovery Strategy Include a Talent Management Strategy?

If the reports are true and employee disengagement is on the rise, when 25% of your Key Contributors, Mission Critical players and Next level leaders become the departed, who will take their place?

What systems are you putting in place to have the departing knowledge and skills effectively transferred to the impending replacements?

What retention strategies are you implementing to avoid loosing the 25%?

Experts who have studied the global economic situation, America’s long awaited recovery, workforce statistics and workplace psychology fear that in many organizations employees are ill equipped to carry out new business strategies that will be critical to a companies ability to compete and thrive in a global economy.

Business and Human Capital pundits hypothesize that in a recession-altered workplace, employees are often adrift, without well-defined roles and accountability or managers who have a grasp on how to actually execute the business leaders key strategies and metrics.

Many of the nations largest companies have or are implementing new ways of attracting and recruiting the best talent for key contributor roles, stimulating their ongoing engagement and amplifying their reasons for staying. If the largest companies are doing this with a vengeance the smaller, mid sized and newer, mission driven, socially responsible companies need to take note and get in action.

Some popular initiatives that I have seen with KeenHire’s Recruitment Process In-sourcing and Talent Management Process In-sourcing customers are:

1. Making Organizational Development & effective Recruitment a priority 2. Altering the objectives, roles and accountability of HR Management 3. Hiring the right people who shared common values and purpose 4. Establishing an on-line employment presence flaunting their EVP 5. Reducing Executive compensation before reducing employee comp 6. Sending daily motivational positive messages 7. Providing employee development, mentoring and coaching for hi-po’s 8. Creating On-boarding programs that stimulate early engagement & bonding 9. Making rewards personable and customized 10. Building relationship strategies into management 11. Implementing a top grading culture

There is no better feeling in the world than when a high potential employee recognizes the value of a program that Keen implements. I have had the privilege to work on several organizational development, recruitment and talent management projects where the mission critical, key contributor and next level leaders were positively impacted by the initiatives we implemented. It is a great feeling to find someone a job; it is a very powerful experience to elevate his or her career and impact.


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