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Create an Emergent Culture with our Culture Catalyst Mastery Program

Organizational culture alignment is more important now than ever before. With the state of the economy, the increase in workplace demands, and the decrease in employee motivation and work ethic, businesses everywhere are suffering. It is our mission at KeenAlignment to help business leaders and executives craft a culture for their organization that will last, produce, and succeed, even through the hard times ahead. In order to accomplish this goal, we have created the Culture Catalyst Mastery Program.

This program offers three retreat-like immersions beginning with Ignite Your Power on September 23, 2022, continuing with Elevate Your Leadership on January 16-19, 2023 and ending with Advance Your Culture on April 3-6, 2023.

Ignite Your Power is focused solely on the leader within. It begins with engaging leaders in shaping their future and creating who they are as high-impact, influential agents of positive change. Leaders uncover their beliefs and habits that thwart effectiveness and contribution. They get trained in and practice new methods for recalibrating and recovering from adversity, setbacks, and challenges and leave with a concrete road map for integrating newly learned skills that catalyze their vision for their leadership into reality.

Elevate Leadership focuses on the leader in the domain of visionary, partner, and coach. From envisioning outcomes to aligning and empowering resources, guiding, coaching, and accountability, this retreat teaches leaders to inspire others with a compelling vision, build partnerships through designing alliances, and elevate team productivity and performance.

Advance Culture teaches fundamentals about what inhibits performance, engagement, and contribution from the collective. Leaders learn how to spot and interrupt the status quo and polarization of complacency, stagnation, frustration, anxiety, and even despair in the workforce. They learn the art of facilitating liberating structures that engage and ignite the collective intelligence of the team. They learn the power of shifting the energy and moods of people through changing the way they engage with them.

Additionally, we are including over 18 live remotely facilitated trainings led by a team of highly effective coaches and trainers. These trainings promise to deepen the leader's learning and forward the leader's competency in every key area of leadership required to lead, inspire, empower and elevate the performance of the people on their team.

And there’s more! Each leader participating in our program will have full access to our online University offering 50+ companion classes complete with job aids and tools that they can share with up to 7 people who report to them.

What we have orchestrated is a world-class, teach-people-to-fish learning program that integrates live, experiential immersion training with follow-up modules that cement the learning, and gives leaders the best opportunity to succeed in their endeavor to break through the malaise constraining organizational performance and innovations.

Inquire about our exclusive triad Master Class Culture Catalyst program today at


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