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Contract Staffing & Executive Recruitment for Hi-Tech Talent

I am on my way back to one of my two ‘homes’ from the Tech Serve Alliance conference in Red Rock. My second visit to that resort in two weeks.

The Red Rock ROCKS.

It is a Fabulous venue, excellent food, great staff, spa that is to die for, reflexology extraordinaire and great up do!

Beyond the amenities Tech Serve Alliance put on great conferences.

Tech Serve Alliance was step above the other conferences is the courses it offered and the way the content was delivered. I would say they put on a strategic, innovative and progressive conference. The majority of the sessions were content heavy and highly valuable for Staffing firms wanting to stay ahead of the curve. Some of the programs I personally attended were focused on Building and Managing the Virtual Workforce, Immigration, Off Shore Staffing Solutions, Diversification, Pending Economic Trends, *Strategic Selling, Hiring the Right Sales and Recruiting Team and more. *And yes I attended the ones I led.

The mood and the conversations around the conference was very much positive-about creating value, growth in revenues and margins, innovative solutions to compelling problems. I invited a long-term friend of mine to join me at the conference and she was very impressed by the level of participants, programs and networking.

Her and I made many new and diverse friends, learned about doing business as one world, and the challenges that come with it as well as got well immersed in the world of high tech contract and direct hire placement.

The attendees were extremely open, generous and warm. I saw old friends and made many more new ones.

My love for people in the staffing and recruiting space was again deepened. I couldn’t have chosen to be in a better place, to contribute, to share and to expand my network and influence.

Thank you Tech Serve Alliance for a great conference!


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