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Collateral Conscious Hiring

Employee engagement is suffering in the workplace. Excitement and respect among employees are absent. It results from mis-hires and from a lack of similar values between employees and the company that hires them. It’s becoming a problem.

Key words on a resume and the pressure to fill a job quickly often create disfunction in the workplace. It creates poor hiring. There is a lack of employee engagement and more emphasis on leadership to increase workplace productivity. It creates negativity, hasty and sloppy work, which in turn results in more financial costs and trainings.

Conscious hiring is the solution.

Conscious hiring provides awareness in the workplace. This kind of hiring is critically important in the 21st century where most hiring is now automated through HR drones. It modernizes and innovates the workplace. Knowing who you hire and why you are hire provides significant value in the modern workplace.

Conscious hiring optimizes the workplace with these keys to success:

  1. Workforce Alignment:

Conscious hiring is about hiring people who create higher standards. It’s about hiring high achievers, who have the right focus and mindset. They are committed to knowing their role and improving the overall atmosphere of the workplace, of the employees and their leaders. This results in higher productivity and higher sales. Conscious hiring focuses on an end-goal, the goal of bringing more human awareness to hiring.

  1. Employee Engagement & Commitment:

Optimizing employee engagement has an effect on the entire workforce, ultimately raising everyone’s productivity. Employees understand their roles. They understand how to produce at a high level, what to focus on when it comes to products and customers. Positive results abound from optimized employee engagement. There are increased sales, less financial risk, higher customer experience and satisfaction, and innovation.

  1. High Employee Retention:

The goal of any business is to progress forward. This goal is only accomplished by hiring and keeping the right people. People who share similar values. There is less of a focus on retraining employees, fixing problems, or preventing problems you anticipate employees making.

Conscious hiring focuses on the strategic approach to hiring. There’s an emphasis on the end goal. Fundamental traits are essential to have when hiring for a specific role, rather than focusing on how perfect the resume is. Conscious hiring allows managers to guide and develop the right hires, giving employees confidence to produce at the highest level. This confidence and the ability to produce at the highest level is most effective in employee retention.

  1. Customer Satisfaction:

Employees who value their job provide a fulfilling customer experience. The customer experience is authentic because the employee is genuinely involved, a hands-on problem solver, and detail orientated. Customers are not placed on hold or waiting around for an employee who feels obligated to help them.

Conscious hiring is designed to hire employees who have a candid, natural concern for the customer. They have value identical to their company’s values. When it aligns, it produces greater customer satisfaction. Results are higher employee engagement, higher employee retention, overall workforce efficiency is higher, and the customer’s experience improves.


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