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Choosing Your Talent Wisely With An Internal Hiring Process

WHAT IS AN INTERNAL HIRING PROCESS AND HOW DO WE CREATE ONE? If you hire someone you don’t really know, for a position you have not thoroughly defined – chances are neither the person, nor the position will deliver. Hiring the right people right from the start requires implementation of a comprehensive internal hiring process that selects the best and eliminates the rest.

Importantly, it all starts with benchmarking. Whether benchmarking the role, the top performers in that role, or benchmarking key traits of the best performers in the company as a whole, the first step is creating the model of what right looks like. Companies that take the time and effort to do so fully understand not only who they need, but why they need them. These are the companies that excel in the employee selection process and the capacity to build a dream team.”

WHAT RIGHT LOOKS LIKE. Before you evaluate your immediate needs


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