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Choosing Your Talent Wisely-Save Money By Doing Your Homework


With a tree top look at your company and a foundation in place to grow from, it’s time to look at each role on a tree trunk level. Focus on the needs of the business and how each

role in the company is attached to the key performance indicators of the company as a whole. When you are clear on the performance objectives for each role in the company and how those affect the big picture of service, sales, retention, and profitability, it is much easier to determine who the best person is for these roles.

To help you get started, here are some specific holistic hiring techniques:

1) Hire right the first time:

• Thoroughly define each role in your company.

• Define specific success outcomes that are expected in the role.

• Isolate the CAN DO (Intellectual Quotient).

• Isolate the WILL DO (Emotional Quotient).

• Isolate the FIT IN (Character Quotient)

2) Follow the hiring protocol:

• Train each hiring manager on the CPR for their positions.

• Conduct a preplanned behavioral-based telephone screening.

• Employ a cursory pre-interview assessment.

•Hiring managers interview following an established position specific interviewing guide.

•Hiring decisions are made according to the predetermined hiring matrix.

3) Set up an effective ramp-up process that validates your hiring choice out of the gate:

• Socialization – on-boarding.

• Manager – new employee meeting.

• Game Plan – expectations, communications, work style.

With established hiring procedures adhered to consistently, your company will jump over and pass dangerous hiring traps, turn the tables on the mishaps of poor hiring and reap the benefits that come with having the right people in the right roles.

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