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Choosing the Right Assessment Tools

Over 500 different personality assessment tools are in use today, and several of the new products are derivatives of previous products, just branded differently. For many hiring managers, Talent Acquisition and HR leaders, finding the right pre-employment assessment for better hiring is downright confusing. Many companies select a personality assessment and invest thousands of dollars to certify their people in administering it—only to find out it’s not the right tool for assessing key contributors, leadership potential or front-line customer-facing abilities.

Choosing assessment tools

The key to your success with using assessment tools is to choose them wisely. The right assessment depends, not only on the role, but also on how you plan to use it. In “The Wealth of Talent” and in our workshops, we explain the differences between the various types of assessments, which can be used for:

  1. Pre-employment screening for Lean Recruiting

  2. Competency cataloging and talent indexing for Workforce Optimization

  3. Targeted selection in Quality of Hire

  4. Identifying Leadership Potential & Gap Analysis

  5. People development, Succession planning and promotion

  6. Career Pathing and Employee Retention

  7. Team building, building high performance teams


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