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Choose Your Executive Search Firm Wisely

In Today’s competitive climate for talent many companies are counting on

HR Executive Search professionals to be their field talent scouts. It makes perfect sense that progressive talent minded organizations would require a top notch Executive HR Search partner to augment their internal Corporate Talent Acquisition team.

Whether you are building your Internal Talent Acquisition team or hunting for the right Executive Search partner it is important that you ask some fundamental talent acquisition questions; such as:

1. What is your Role Analysis process?

2. What is your talent mining process?

3. Where do you find your candidates?

4. What percentages of hires are generated from which sources; job boards, social media, corporate talent mining and existing databases?

5. What is your hiring process?

6. How do you validate the candidates you recommend are the right candidates for our roles?

7. What is your on boarding program?

At KeenHire, our teams of tenured Executive Search, HR and Recruitment partners are each skilled in segmented niches and stages of Executive Recruitment and Employee Selection. Every Keen partner has been working in the HR, Executive Search, Talent Mining and Employee Selection field for a minimum of a decade and has a long list of successful projects, programs and customer references. Segmenting the Executive Search process allows for highly skilled people to focus on their areas of proficiency increases our throughput and effectiveness which brings you highly qualified candidates who match your criteria, faster.

We approach building your team strategically and deploy expert level Talent Mining and a Conscious Hiring process in every HR Executive Search project we accept.

At KeenHire Talent Management, our Executive Search model begins with a complete Organizational Culture and Role Analysis. We diligently follow Stephen Covey’s philosophy of begin with the end in mind. We work with your organization to understand your Organization’s direction, values, competitive advantages, objectives and challenges.

Once we know who you are, where you are going and what your barriers are to getting there, we help you discern what competencies, behaviors, beliefs, values and emotional intelligence levels your leadership team must possess walking in the door. Our proprietary Role Analysis process has been utilized in over 100 companies and is the foundation of all of our Executive HR Search projects. This process has successfully led our founders in placing over 2500 business leaders.

KeenHire’s team of highly skilled Talent Acquisition, HR and Executive Search professionals are certified in our Conscious Hiring process, the benefit to you is that each and every candidate presented to your company is fully vetted and benchmarked against the Role Analysis. We only present candidate with the right behaviors, competencies, values and emotional ability to do the job, in the right way for the right period of time.

In most Executive Search operations the founders have deep domain expertise in the firms area of specialty. At KeenHire, we too have deep domain expertise in our field of Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Executive Search and Organizational Development. We have worked in these areas for over a quarter of a century. What makes us different is our commitment. Keen’s brand, unique selling proposition and core differentiators are all driven from our founders expertise with Top Grading principles and building Good to Great companies. We built our business with outside in strategic thinking. We built our business to help you scale your organization and achieve your goals.


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