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Career Discovery Workshop

Career Discovery Workshop

We provide a monthly Hire Ground: Career Discovery Workshop at Alliance HR Network. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you’ve made the right career choices. Take part in this high value, thought provoking seminar that has you ask yourself key questions and hone in on what is truly important to you in a position and in a career.

You will even discover key elements that are important to you in the philosophies of the companies that you choose to work with. This professional workshop consists of exercises in career choice discernment, key technologies to discover why you are suddenly unhappy in the career you thought was perfect, professional interview and resume coaching, optional personality and behavioral assessments and optional skill profiling. Only our tenured career consultants lead these workshops.

To register, please contact us at Cost is $25 per participant.

Live Seminar

2/25: Acing the Interview, 8am-noon CST – Empowering yourself to make the best impression.


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