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Calling Innovative, Progressive female HR Executives in high tech companies

What does President Obamas’ equal pay bill mean in real

world human resources for high tech companies?

With a rocky economy, emerging global competitors on the rise, four generations in the workforce, and Sr. level leaders on the verge of retirement, how will companies position themselves to attract, retain and develop high powered female talent.

The Society of Human Resource Management reports that 6 of the top 10 Workplace Trends are directly related to talent acquisition, selection & retention. The number 1 trend to most likely have a major impact on the workplace is workforce retention, and the most critical HR function effecting business strategy is Staffing/Employment and Recruiting.

What are effective and cost efficient ways to improve talent attraction and selection and impact employee development and retention for the high demand women leaders of the future?

Margaret Graziano, of KeenConsulting and KeenHire and previous Women Business Owner of the Year and International Consultant in the Human Capital space is presenting on how ‘Employer of Choice’ organizations are proactively dealing with these pressing issues as well as facilitating an open dialogue forum where frank, engaging conversations and best practices are shared.


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