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Calling All Human Capital Talent – We Need Your Help !


We as the Human Capital Industry MUST improve our internal human capital processes. We need to better define our roles, select the right people the first time, give them the training and tools they need to succeed and reward and engage them the way they want to be rewarded and engaged.

Never has walking our own talk been more critical than now, between SHRM and WorkForce research studies, the bureau of labor statistics and CNN; everyone is concerned for the future highly skilled talent shortage. The time to build your infrastructure is BEFORE the perfect Talent Storm hits.

To better serve our Human Capital Customer Base, Keenhire is building industry wide hiring benchmarks for several Human Capital roles and we need your help.

If you provide us the data, we will provide you with the analytics. We will sign an NDA and No Recruit Policy and keep your performers information completely confidential.

We are hiring building benchmarks for the following roles

Branch Manager

Business Development / Hunter Talent Acquisition – Direct Candidate Sourcing (headhunting) Talent Acquisition – Social Networking Researcher – Resume Sourcer Staffing Manager (temporary) Hybrid Desk – Sales & Recruiting Direct Hire Account Manager /Farmer

Specific Industries we are looking to benchmark within are

Engineering Energy Management Search Medical Pharma Natural Resources

Corporate Talent Acquisition Director Corporate Human Resource Generalist Corporate Recruiter/ Sourcer Training and Development Retention Specialist

All individual assessment results of your staff will be forwarded to ONLY you and PhD in Industrial Psychology will compile the Results in an over allstudy which will be given to participating companies upon competition.

Please email the email address of up to 5 people on your team who ARE consistently performing in their ROLE. Please have the candidate NOT put their full name on the assessment and have them put the title closest to the matching title on the list.


We look forward to sharing the results with you by June 1, 2009.


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