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Branding Yourself As A Recruitment Professional Of Choice

Keen just completed leading another Certification in Employee Retention for NAPS, in the 16 hours of content course titled Talent Strategy 3.0 our seasoned search professionals were inspired, engaged and clamoring for opportunities to service their clients in a more strategic manner.

People always say when the student is ready the teacher appears, well this past week at the NAPS pre conference I experienced that when the teacher is ready the students appear. By far this was the most challenging, thriving group of early adapters I have worked with and they took me to a whole new level.

I could have worked with them for 3 more days and they would have pulled everything I had out of me and more. I completed the course excited, invigorated and ready for more.

Highlights from the course were specific strategies for building search, selection and retention programming around the recruitment process, adding value and positioning these firms as the Choice for Recruitment. These days everyone says they offer something unique yet when asked to define what and how they are unique, every firm sounds the same. We headhunt, we only work with working candidates, we have better sourcing, we know our candidates, we know our industry – well if everyone is saying the same thing, how does one stand out?

These are some of the ways we teach our firms to stand out from the competition, win their clients loyalty and be invited to the table for strategic talent workforce planning:

1. Role Analysis 2. Stake Holder Assessment 3. Talent Gap Analysis 4. Match Matrix 5. Top Grading 6. New Hire Users Manual

Keen Certified recruiters and search professionals position themselves at the table with CEOs, VPs and Sr Hiring Managers. Keen certified consultants know about the talent issues facing their clients and are uniquely poised to deliver solutions to those problems. They are trained to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Our programming and training is not for everyone, actually from the 50 or so people we have trained they tell us that they believe our training is only for the top 12% of recruiters committed to dominating their market and strategically positioning themselves as Talent Management Specialists integrated into their clients’ operation.


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