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Being 100% Responsible For Making A Difference

When I am being accountable to who I say that I am – Life Works. And when I am not ….well go figure – life’s a struggle.

When I sold my business – I did it for the purpose of living my life at choice and pursuing my passion. While running a staffing firm was a fabulous business opportunity, and an excellent training ground for life, it wasn’t my true calling. In 1996 when I took the Landmark Forum I realized that a true self expression of ‘Margo’ was training & development, consulting and coaching. I saw the future of me guiding, training and coaching people & companies in the staffing and recruiting industry. I visioned ways we as an industry could transform the workplace and be conduits for employment empowerment. I have spent the better part of the past 12 years preparing for this through taking courses and participating in programs that would glean me Organizational Development, Retention & Coaching Certifications.

As I embark on living my life by design..I face a whole new world of possibility and power.

Given people spend 74% of their awake time at work, it is clear to me that if people are happy professionally they have an opportunity to be truly happy at home, with their kids, with their partner and if they are happy in all those areas the likelihood of them giving back is exponentially increased.

It is my stand that our job in the people profession is to empower human beings to live their life by design. They can choose their employer, create their own performance based comp plan, co-create the ideal work situation and live each day inside an inspiring context……………………..when we are doing that – we are doing honorable work and we are not only transforming the modern day workplace-we are transforming the planet.

I am not saying it will be easy. I am saying that the time to act and execute is now. Carpe Diem.


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