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Becoming A Certified Coach Through CTI

Coaching is a relatively new field, there are some wacky wafers out there calling themselves coaches and there are some extraordinary human beings out there coaching extraordinary people. I have had both and I have paid thousands of dollars and had to learn over time which is which.

I have always, okay for the last 8 years I have had a ‘dream’ of creating an Executive Retreat Center in the mountains or foothills of Marin County, CA. My sanctuary will be a place where business leaders come and rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. We will have an organic chef, have plenty of daily fitness excursions and have a transformational leadership curriculum that brings business leaders back to purpose, freedom and peace of mind.

Yesterday I attended my 1st day of my 2nd course at CTI’s (Coaches Training Institute)corporate office in San Rafael, CA. As I was sitting in the room and the instructor took us twenty years in the future through a powerful visioning exercise; I found myself in Marin, in a beautiful place with a large foyer, a great man by my side, 2 welcoming dogs and 18 bedrooms nestled on the side of foothill. Maybe it was because the vision exercise took place right in the middle of it – maybe not. My future in twenty years was crystal clear, I had accomplished my dream and I was totally at peace and happy.

Coaching exists in many forms and there are many specialties; Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, Triathlon Coaching, Financial Abundance Coaching, Law of Attraction Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Dating Coaching, Parenting Coaching, and more. Who could not use all of the above? If you have heard me speak publicly then you know that I have had business and personal coaches for the past 10 years and that those folks, the ones I have stayed with for a period of time have been a major source or a conduit for me to source my power.

My purpose for becoming a Certified Master Coach and participating in Jack Canfield’s seminar on Success in August is multi-faceted. I want to make a huge difference on the planet. I want to work with people who want to make a huge difference, and together we can transform the experience of what it is to work in the recruiting field and what it is to work as a Corporate Leader.

Our country if not the world has neglected the development of their leaders, which means the last place most human beings received guidance on a regular basis is when they lived at home under their parents roof. Our job as leaders, recruiters and business consultants is to have people see what they can not see and guide them to what is right for them. The coaching training that I am in teaches a person to do that in a gentle, nurturing and powerful way; it is called Co-Active Coaching and it is growing rapidly. A key distinction in Co-Active Coaching is to not tell – but to ask.

The following is a blog post taken from Lyssa Adkins blog Cricketwing

“Powerful Questions is a tool that I picked up in my coaching training recently. I am using it to great effect with the teams and individuals I coach. It is rocking my world (in a good way) so I passed it on to the participants at the Scrum Gathering and they loved it, too. So much so that they asked I make it available. So, here is the lowdown on Powerful Questions.

Powerful questions are powerful because they are truly open.

They are not asked with a “correct” answer in mind.”

I will certianly keep you posted on my discoveries as I go through the training, the process and the work.


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