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Ask us for Sales Recruiting Help

The employment of sales managers is extremely important to any company, but it can also be difficult to recruit the right kind of sales employee for your business. This is why you need sales recruiting help from the KeenHire sales recruitment experts.

Avoid hiring the wrong person to drive your company sales forward by learning from the sales recruitment specialists at KeenHire and taking advantage of the sales recruitment help that we have to offer you here today in this post.

The Best Tips to Help you with your Sales Recruitment Needs

Don’t Wait Most people wait until the NEED a sales person before they recruit which means that they hire people under a sense of urgency which is never a good thing. Keep your eyes open, look around for new employees even when you are happily staffed and keep records of great candidates on file. Hire when you WANT and not when you NEED.

Train Human Resources You need to train your human resources staff to know what to look for and KeenHire can provide recruitment tools and programs for your human resources team to use in the sales recruitment area. Contact us directly for more details about this.

Focus on Advertisements Where are you advertising for sales employees and what are your advertisements like? What words do you use in your advertisements? Are you advertising via the radio, the Internet or the newspaper? Where should you be advertising? Will images help?

The sales recruitment experts at KeenHire will be able to look at your sales recruitment plan and help you to learn where room for improvement in your advertising approach is needed so that the right kind of sales employee is interested in working for your company.

Ideal Profile Do you have the complete profile of the ideal sales employee in mind? If not, why not? And if you do know who you are looking for, have you shared this information with the human resources people on the ground filtering through those sales recruitment applications?

Interview Tips You need at least 50 written interview questions in mind to use during the interview stage of a possible sales employee. Be ready with sub questions to the interviewee’s answers too that allow him or her to go further into detail about their skills, etc.

Make sure that your prospective employee is the one talking for at least 80% of the time too. This is essential sales recruitment advice. If your sales employee doesn’t know how to talk and keep the conversation going, how good are they going to be at selling for your company? Especially on the telephone!

Get further Expert Help in Sales Recruiting Contact the sales recruitment help experts at KeenHire for more information on the subject of sales recruitment and find out what kind of tools or programs we have to help you make the process smoother and more successful.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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