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Are Assessments An Unneccessary Bottle Neck In the Hiring Process?

A Recruiters Concern For Using Selection Tools In The Hiring Process.


You have obviously created something significant and unique, have worked very hard to get it off the ground, and I salute you.

I have seen just about every way to try to make money in the “staffing” (for lack of a better term) industry and the only thing that always works is picking up a telephone, calling a president, owner, or GM, getting sendouts, then closing immediately for an up or down decision. That has always resulted in great success. To my way of thinking, anything which detracts from quick decisions harms our business. Perhaps I am unclear about KeenHire, and I can see a lot of utility for using it for hiring recruiters into search and placement firms but, frankly, I would not want to see a hiring company add it to their hiring process. It seems to me that KeenHire adds a step to a hiring process, is an “assessment tool”, brings “logic” rather than emotion to the process (people buy on emotion), and results in slower hiring decisions. Quick decisions are what the entire placement planet desires because we all know the passing of time kills placements. Worth noting: to me, “quick decisions” does not mean “bad hiring decisions made hastily”. It means good hiring decisions made quickly.

Neil P. McNulty McNulty Management Group Virginia Beach, VA

Neil, I can appreciate your concern. Let me

shed some light on first why I developed KeenView and secondly how it is used to not lengthen the process yet how it is used to manage, control and shorten the hiring process.

As a top producer for many years myself and having relationships with many different companies and hiring authorities; I saw how many companies were adding dimensions to their hiring process that I had no control over. Many of my clients were using some type of selection tool in the final stages of the hiring process. In several cases I found myself and my team at the affect of another 3rd party, one that did not have the knowledge that I did about the client, the job market or the candidate. As I conducted more research and asked more questions, the information that I gleaned brought me to new possibilities in recruitment and new openings for actions for my career and for our industry.

KeenHire was not created to lengthen the sales, recruitment or closing cycle, it was created to arm 3rd party recruiters with better tools to serve their clients with on the front end. When used appropriately behavioral interviewing (KeenView) places the recruiter as an expert in selection. It sews the recruiter into the selection process and eliminates last minute ‘think about its. Given the process for effective behavioral interviewing begins with benchmarking the role; the recruiter immediately positions themselves in the key strategic conversations that true account development and management are made of


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