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Adding The Alliance HR Network Blog

One of the things I’m learning about how the web works is the importance of staking out territory early. Alliance HR Network is an affiliated company to KeenAlignment. It’s the recruiting engine that gave me so much expertise over the course of the last decade.

But Alliance HR Network was always outward focused. We called out to candidates once clients gave us job reqs. As the job market for clinical research, pharma marketing, medical education and medical billing gets tighter, the successful recruiters will be the ones who make themselves visible on web. It’s about growing our profile. But business owners and recruiters have only so much time.

So we’re adding an Alliance blog, but it will start as a repository for older information. We’ll put what we know up on line in a new format, and eventually start aggregating information just for the medical community. Starting now, in six months we’ll be one of the top results on Google for information relating to medical recruiting.

Or so Jim keeps telling me.

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