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A Little Taste Of Our New KeenHire Store

This is for our product, the KeenView Behavioral Interviewing Software

Filtering candidates in live interviews is the core of every recruiting business. Using scientifically validated behavioral interviewing, KeenView software helps you filter candidates by motivation, work style, personality traits, and other characteristics that will predict how he/she will perform on the job in a specific position. “Gut Instinct” is a poor tool to sell a candidate on a client. Using KeenView, your recruiters provide statistically valid results of candidate matches. The easy to use software guides the recruiter through the interview, providing questions, answers, notes and rankings. Purchase KeenView separately or in an assessments package, and start selling to Human Resource executives in a language they want to hear.

This is more than just assessments. Our software uses thousands of interview questions and walks your recruiter through the interview process, saving searches and keeping you fully in EEOC compliance. It also helps you make better hiring decisions. More soon.


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