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7 Steps to Hiring Better Salespeople

In today’s business economy, you simply can’t afford to hire a sales person who doesn’t immediately and consistently contribute to your bottom line.

Senior Level Sales Leaders need to be confident they’re hiring the best salesperson for future key contributor, mission critical, and high growth industries.

As a Sales Leader focused on scaling your sales force, KeenHire shows you how to cut through the flashy personality and exaggerated resume and accurately evaluate if a sales person is going to contribute significantly to the prosperity of your company. We teach you how to assess if a sales candidate can hold steady when the going gets tough, and has the ability to overcome obstacles and effectively sell your company’s products and services.

In KeenHire’s presentation, we share how you, as the key Sales executive decision maker for your organization, can leverage these tools and selection techniques in attracting, evaluating, and hiring top-performance salespeople each and every time.

You walk away with:

  1. An overview of an internal hiring process that allows you to hire the right sales person the first time, every time.

  2. Steps for a fail-safe procedure in evaluating a sales person’s eligibility before the interview.

  3. An interview process that saves you time and money while preventing mis-hires of the wrong sales people.

If you want to hire right the first time and build a sales team that consistently meets and exceeds sales objectives in any economy, join Margaret Graziano of KeenHire as she shares proven hiring tools, techniques and systems that Sales executives and key decision makers can implement immediately.

(Third party agencies and other recruiters are recommended to access to take advantage of our many other valuable webinars geared specifically toward their role.)

Title: 7 Steps to Hiring Better Sales People

Date: Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PDT

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