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5 Myths of Employee Retention

5 Myths of Employee Retention - KeenAlignment

There are five prevalent myths disrupting your employee retention.

The first is, people only leave for more money.

The second is, if given flex time and a remote work environment, employees will never leave.

A third myth is that, if I leave my employees alone and let them operate 100% independently, they’ll stay indefinitely.

The fourth myth – people leave jobs. Nope, people don’t leave jobs, people leave managers.

The last pervasive myth is that, if I give my employee a career path, and if I promise them promotion, they’ll stay.

Fundamentally, Conscious Hiring® interrupts these myths. We teach managers about the whole person that they’ve hired: what’s important to them, what their values are, how they want to be coached and managed, and what their drivers of engagement are. We coach the hiring managers to speak, coach, train and interact with that person as a unique human beings and relate to them in service of what’s important for that person.

It’s critical to debunk these myths because every person is different, and ultimately, what motivates one does not motivate the other. What may make one person feel completely appreciated and valued may make another person feel completely disconnected.

To learn more about employee retention and how you can transform it in your workplace, contact us today.


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