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21st Century Hiring Effectiveness. Times Are Changing. Are You?

90 Minute Webinar Offered By KeenHire Talent Management

This 3 part, 90 minute webinar will cover what you need to know about hiring to avoid legal pitfalls and maximize your return on your people investment. We have brought together a diverse panel of subject matter experts to discuss one of the hottest topics in the workplace today.

Join Diana Maier, Lawyer, Workplace Investigator and Employment Counsel, Dr. Stephanie Marberry, Selection Consultant and Margaret Graziano, a 25 year veteran in Recruitment and Staffing.

When: April 20th 1:30pm-3:00pm CST

Cost: $35 per person

To Register: Click Here

Segment 1: Contractor vs. employees: What you need to know about the legal issues behind having a direct hire vs contingent workforce

Diana Maier, Workplace Investigator and Employment Counsel, will cover the legalities of working with a direct hire vs. contingent workforce. Specifically, Diana will address when/how to classify someone who provides services as an employee or a contractor. Not knowing the difference between contracting with an independent contractor or worker and hiring an employee is increasingly risky. The government assumes that virtually all workers are employees, and imposes stiff penalties or stop work orders on employers who cannot justify paying someone for services without providing benefits, paying unemployment taxes, and incurring a range of other expenses. Yet, there are enormous benefits to using contractors instead of employees.

This portion of the seminar will teach you how to use independent contractors or part-time employees while minimizing legal exposure.

The Presentation

  1. Learn how and why California agencies are cracking down on individuals and small businesses

  2. Assess your vulnerability to the rash of wage and hour lawsuits for seemingly innocent small jobs and your exposure to civil and criminal penalties

  3. Understand the differences between employees and independent contractors, risks & benefits and strategies for using both, and how to justify often subjective distinctions between the two

  4. Determine your risk of being audited by state agencies enforcing worker-related laws

  5. Explore actual cases and real-life scenarios of attendees-submit your questions!

Segment 2: Conscious Hiring: The 7 steps to implement a hiring process

Margaret Graziano, a 25 year veteran in Recruitment and Staffing, will discuss the importance of maximizing the return on your people investment. One of the only competitive advantages your company has is the how your mission critical, key contributor and next level leaders solve business issues, carry out the company mission, run the operation and interact with your customers. What companies all too often painfully uncover is that the right systems housing the wrong people always fail and that wrong systems housing the right people often fail.

A holistic conscious-hiring empowers you hire right the first time, every time.

The Presentation

  1. Learn how to avoid common interviewing traps & mitigate hiring risk

  2. A process for conscious hiring

  3. Hire right the first time and increase your people ROI

The Takeaways

  1. Insight into the value setting up an internal hiring process—and how to do it.

  2. Specific holistic hiring techniques that save your company thousands

  3. Learn the power of the 3-pronged selection approach

  4. A step-by-step process for Choosing Your Talent Wisely

  5. Role Analysis, why it matters

Segment 3: Choose your Assessments Wisely: The dos and don’ts in utilizing assessments in the hiring process.

Did you know that there are some assessments that you cannot legally use to select a new employee? With hundreds of assessments in the marketplace how will you know if you are using a quality tool?

Dr. Stephanie Marberry, Selection Consultant with KeenHire, discusses some of the important features to look for when evaluating what assessment to add in your hiring process. Growth oriented companies are demanding more of their workforce, and are unwavering in their expectations to attract and hire ‘difference makers.’ In today’s competitive talent market, with candidates demanding top salaries, companies have the right to know what they are getting, and have the right to expect a return on investment with each hire.

Whether you are looking at utilizing assessments in your placement process, looking to re-sell assessments or you just want to keep abreast of the on-going developments surrounding our industry – it is paramount that you attend this session!

The presentation

  1. Learn the types of Assessments on the market today

  2. Understand Validation and what it means

  3. Be Aware of the 4/5th rule and how it applies.

The takeaways

  1. An in-depth easy to follow introduction into the complex world of personality

  2. A look into the BIG 10, BIG 5 personality index measurements

  3. An overview of different Assessment and their features

  4. A realistic view of what it will take to implement assessments in your company


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