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10 Ways Conscious Hiring Can Improve Employee Retention

Conscious hiring is about creating workforce alignment, where employees choose to work for the organization because they are excited about the work, and employers hire and nurture the best employees, creating a better bottom line, lower turnover, and increased employee retention and engagement.

Let’s look at 10 of the ways conscious hiring can lead to better employee retention for your organization.

  1. Conscious hiring encourages managers to hire and coach the whole person – what their values are, how they want to be managed, and what drives their motivation to succeed.

  2. Conscious hiring is about beginning with an end goal in mind and working backward to make it a reality, which leads to better fitting candidates and happier, more engaged employees.

  3. Foundational to conscious hiring is a greater sense of human awareness rather than gut instinct decision-making about the people who make up your company.

  4. Conscious hiring helps you avoid hiring mistakes, which lead to both increased costs and faster turnover.

  5. It enables better assessment of leadership potential, which encourages existing employees to remain with the company.

  6. Conscious hiring boosts employee’s productivity from the start because of thorough hiring and onboarding processes.

  7. The backbone of conscious hiring is the company’s organizational values and culture, which seep into the process at each step of the way, ensuring the right fit is hired and nurtured.

  8. It allows executives to develop a solid bench of talent to promote within the organization, rather than relying on outside hires for management positions.

  9. Employees feel a greater sense of contribution to overall goals in companies that engage in conscious hiring.

  10. Conscious hiring is talent acquisition for a fit, not just a function.

If you’re ready to put the power of conscious hiring to work for your company, contact us today!


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