January 2021

MGI North America Annual Conference Talent Strategy 3.0: Post-COVID Session

January 13-15, 2021

A private event for 60 financial professionals – Margaret will present the following:

▪ Reducing staff turnover, increasing employee engagement and realizing the best ROI possible in employee investment
▪ Developing a talent acquisition strategy to hire the right people for the right positions
▪ Understanding types of cultures and what motivates the 21st Century workforce

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Values-Based Behavioral Interview Training

January 14th-February 6th. 

A four-module course once a week. Implement a POWERFUL and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Interviewing Process with our expert training program that helps build a peak-performing team. Fly over common obstacles that hinder hiring the right person for the right role. Implicit bias, wasted time screening too many people, and hiring people who need the role, rather than want the role are a thing of the past with our Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing Training. 

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Ignite Power

Designed by women, for women, this powerful interactive, immersion retreat empowers women committed to up-leveling their level of success and performance as a leader. 

Ignite Power enables you to create a clear and inspiring vision for yourself as a powerful female leader and pave the path for living your life in a peak state of joy, happiness, resilience and fulfillment. Through our guided process, you identify what is most important to you and create inspirational charters that invoke passion and purpose for every part of your life. 



CommUNITY Webinar


Getting real about social responsibility. A candid conversation for shaping an organizational culture that works for everyone.

We will discuss:

  • Understanding your role and personal responsibility in leading an organization that works for everyone
  • How compassion and empathy connects, engages and inspires your workforce
  • How leveraging diverse perspectives, talents, and backgrounds drives breakthrough results
  • Understanding what is so and why the conflict over “Black Lives Matter”
  • How to avoid offending people while addressing today’s most pertinent social and economic issues
  • Unifying your organization and getting it back on track
  • How to shift conflict into contribution
  • What not to do
  • Increasing profitability and retention through diversity, inclusion, and equity

Learning Objectives:

  1. Awareness of bias and how it impacts organizational culture
  2. Acceptance of responsibility for what needs to happen in order to make a change
  3. Best next actions to move forward- what to do and what not to do


MOMENTUM: Breakthrough Results for Remote Teams Webinar


Relief. Momentum. Results.     

Before Covid: Remote work was a perk for Millennials.
After Covid: Remote work is essential for all of us.

Right now, your people are facing more loose ends, uncertainty and chaos than ever before. They're being asked to adapt faster than they've ever had to.

In circumstances like these, good leadership just isn't good enough anymore.

You need guidance.
Your teams need support.
Your company needs results.

In this one hour webinar, you'll learn:
   •Best practices for remote team leadership
   •Common pitfalls when running a remote team and how to
    avoid them
   •The Managers' Toolkit for top performance 

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Business Survival Webinar Series


When crises arise, people look for a leader.

We can't control the outbreak of a virus or much of any external turbulence our business may face.

We can only choose our reaction to such events. 

We choose whether we'll be the person who succumbs to panic or the one who stays and leads. 

Choosing to stay and lead becomes much easier when you're equipped with the mindset and tools necessary to both face turbulent times and have your organization become better for having done so.

In this powerful, 4-part series, you learn:

-How your brain may be hijacking how you respond to sudden, unexpected change

-The practical tools needed to successfully navigate your business through any crisis situation or major change 

-How to lead from your highest level of leadership wisdom

-Lessons from the world's best collaborators to make the most of your team

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ResponseAgility: Breaking Through Barriers Webinar



We get it. 

As a leader, you've got a lot on your shoulders between keeping your business IN business and maintaining the care and welfare of your people.

You and your team are stressed out and exhausted.

This training teaches you how to move beyond chaos and into courage, engagement and innovation

With KeenAlignment's free 1 hour webinar you will learn how to harness your leader within and be more effective in the face of stress and uncertainty.

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M.O.R.T.A.R Webinar


The success of your company depends on the culture within it.

A thriving organizational culture is a conduit for productivity, ownership, and innovation.

Companies are continuously failing at organizational culture, even though it’s the number one driver of employee engagement and optimal workplace performance.  

You need a healthy organizational culture, as it intentionally moves your business forward and passionately delivers on the mission of your enterprise. This type of momentum requires focus, diligence, and rigor. 

This session covers the six key tenets to becoming a conduit of high-performance organizational culture.

Discover the M.O.R.T.A.R. required to shape a solid, sustainable organizational culture built to last.
Motivate and Ignite passion 
Onboard and Integrate 
Rein in unproductive behaviors 
Train, coach and mentor 
Align and course correct
Recognize and foster momentum

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Ignite Power Free Workshop


In this one hour FREE workshop learn why some female leaders achieve great success and others wallow and wonder how come they are not where they want to be. You learn and experience the difference State of Mind, Clarity, and Certainty has on your ability to achieve your goals. 

In this humorous, experiential and interactive workshop for female leaders: 

Gain awareness of common systemic and personal barriers that derail female leader success. 

Explore your vision for being a leader who makes a positive and lasting impact. 

Learn methods for getting yourself into a Peak State.