Deep Alignment

Breakthrough Barriers to Build

High-Functioning Teams

Learn How to Improve Teamwork and Collaboration

Our Deep Alignment Executive Leadership Retreat is where visible momentum can be felt and seen.
The people on your Leadership Team start to become real and not just titles in the organization. They tell the truth about where they have been holding back. They create a collective commitment, they see each other as powerful teammates vs. obstacles or rivals, and they tell the truth about it. Your human system becomes professionally authentic as a collective team. 

Your Experience

Constraints and limits that people have been avoiding or working around become visible. People start to fully own their role and form alliances with others to create solutions that lead to breakthrough results. People learn and engage, generating the outcomes required, and creating predictable and reliable results. They also learn the elements of a high-functioning team. When breakdowns occur, people have a structure to fall back on to solve issues and challenges with power and momentum. 


Your Results
With the conclusion of our Deep Alignment, you get a team committed, aligned and ready to fulfill on why they came together. There is a solid and visible change in their level of engagement, an alignment to the future they are out to create and a shared understanding of the language and context for the team. These people leave the Deep Alignment Program with a relatedness to one another they likely never had before.  


Our Deep Alignment transforms your team’s state of being.
As company executives, it's essential to create a culture in your organization in which creativity, innovation and team accountability are core tenants of how work gets done.  To be a market leader you need to foster inclusion, cooperation and a safe space to challenge the status quo and move initiatives forward. 

Employees need real empowerment to move beyond their job description and bring their full, authentic selves to work.  Authenticity is achieved when people feel safe to have meaningful and deep conversations regarding their hesitations and concerns around change. When leaders courageously navigate through roadblocks impeding performance, the people responsible for execution are freed up to contribute at their highest level of effectiveness. Keen Alignment offers a 2.5-day Deep Alignment workshop. The workshop catalyzes open dialogue, team problem solving and extreme ownership for the quality of organizational culture and reality of the business results. Once the Executive team comes into alignment with specifically what is needed and from whom, the team is equipped and prepared to move beyond gridlock and break through perceived barriers holding your organization back.

During the workshop, you discover how to get rid of the antiquated operating system and states of mind that have been unintentionally programmed into the human system, and are in the way of achieving the flow state required for innovation and peak performance.  

Once the workshop is complete, you know how to recalibrate your teams and rewire your organization's culture for the benefit of every employee. 

What's Leadership Alignment?
Leadership alignment is when a group of people understand what their shared objectives are. They also understand what they and those around them need to accomplish to reach their goals. A well-aligned leadership group supports one another, debates well, and is committed to improving and learning. 
For leadership alignment to succeed, every person in a leadership role must support the new strategy. Leaders don't act in isolation. They need to work in tandem to ensure the success of the new organizational system. 


How Our Deep Alignment Workshop Can Help 
Our leadership alignment workshop lights the organizations spark for intentional and healthy change. We blend philosophical and experiential training and coaching to achieve this. 
Some areas we focus on are how to reduce conflict and ways to improve cultural alignment. The other areas of focus included in our workshop are:

Areas of Focus

Equip your high-functioning executive team with the capacity to produce breakthrough results.

Build Capacity

Create a framework for predictable and sustainable organizational success

Find Purpose

Open hearts and minds to appreciate others and lead the organization to fulfilling its purpose

Embody Empathy

Gain deep awareness of self and develop compassion for others

Achieve Alignment

Align on the mission, vision and values of the organization

Take Accountability

Take ownership of self, foster transparency and build trust with others

Transform Business

Learn a new way to communicate, operate and innovate to drive business results

How Our Process Works

Step One: Get in Touch

Call us at 888-484-5551 or fill out our online contact form to learn more about our Deep Alignment workshop.

Step Two: Discover What's Holding You Back

Learn your organization's roadblocks and how to overcome them.

Step Three: Watch Your Organization Thrive

Improve your workplace's culture and see your employees flourish once you put your new system into place.

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Larry Jordan.jpeg

"Teamwork is the foundation for everything a business does, and Magi’s framework is the basis of this new way we operate and interact with one another. Our team now has a unique and impactful vernacular for our day-to-day communications, as well as systems and tools in place to make sure everyone is on the same page, which is a tremendous benefit. I’m a very pragmatic person, and her training is very pragmatic in its approach.”

— Larry Jordan, CEO, Wi-Tronix

Why Keen Alignment is the Leading Choice for Executive Workshops

At Keen Alignment, we understand how important it is to create a thriving organizational culture. A flourishing workplace culture improves the performance of your business and your employees.

During our workshops, we work closely with our clients so they can better understand how to achieve success and drive growth at their companies. Our clients learn how to identify roadblocks in their organization so they can overcome them. Learn how to build a thriving culture with Keen Alignment.

Transform Your Workplace with Our Deep Alignment Workshop

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