Take the first step to an engaged workforce.

It’s time to take an honest look at the harsh penalties paid for making poor staffing decisions, increasing the cost of a mis-hire.

Conscious Hiring®

How many times has your company experienced one of these symptoms?

  • Unwanted Turnover
  • Weak Organizational Performance
  • Stalled Corporate Initiatives and Programs
  • Missed Targets in Sales, Production, Customer Experience, Performance, Objectives
  • Lack of employee engagement

You Are Not Alone!

Practically every company experiences these frustrations when engaging in traditional human resource staffing methods. Do you want an engaged workforce? Positive feedback from leadership and a better return on the investment of your people? It’s time to make a change. People are the fuel for your business engine.

That’s Where We Come In.

The Conscious Hiring® process allows your company to match the mission and brand promise of your organization with the personal values, competencies and belief systems of qualified candidates. Conscious Hiring is a quality human resource staffing system, and a pathway to building a constructive culture. It affords you the unique opportunity to have an established value-based employee selection process. When businesses implement the Conscious Hiring® model, each and every role in the organization is aligned and the entire workforce moves the business forward. Because each person has been selected based on their desire to contribute, key performance indicators are fulfilled to meet the intentions of their role within the organization.

The Payoff

  • Job descriptions are deconstructed to create purposeful and behavioral-based roles that impact business strategies.
  • Analyze who is in your business and perform a gap analysis, so you know exactly what role to hire for and the type of person who will fulfill that need.
  • Attract, vet, develop and retain future leaders steeped in similar values to create a working leadership bench for your organization.
  • Hiring managers gain an elaborate understanding of what makes new employees tick, their strengths, and weaknesses.

People say yes for the right reasons when you connect their personal purpose to the purpose of the business and of their role in the company. When this happens, you are set up for success in all aspects of the business.

Reduce Costs with Human Resource Staffing Consultants

Most executives easily agree that the most important asset in their company is their people, yet very few companies actually have a quality hiring system in place to ensure that they attract, select, promote and retain the best and the brightest. Companies that strive to build their teams with the best players are more capable of capitalizing on opportunities than their “talent-constrained” competitors.

The first step to an optimized workforce is quality hiring...

& the first step to quality hiring is a free strategy call with us.