Conscious Hiring®

Reduce costs caused by extraneous fees to outside agencies, mis-hires and unwanted turnover, as well as time wasted by an inefficient work flow and courting the wrong candidates.

Most executives easily agree that the most important asset in their company is their people, yet very few companies actually have a quality hiring system in place to ensure that they attract, select, promote and retain the best and the brightest. Companies that strive to build their teams with the best players are more capable of capitalizing on opportunities than their “talent-constrained” competitors.

Does your company experience any of these systemic issues resulting from
a mis-aligned hiring and onboarding philosophy and approach?

  • Unwanted Turnover
  • Weak Organizational Performance
  • Stalled Corporate Initiatives and Programs
  • Missed Targets in Sales, Production, Customer Experience, Performance, Objectives
  • Lack of Employee Engagement
You are not alone…

Practically every company experiences one or more of these organizational constraints when following traditional and old school HR, hiring and onboarding methods. If your goals for quality hiring and effective new hire onboarding include raising employee engagement, aligning people and business strategy, improving organizational performance and optimizing your return on people investments, Conscious Hiring® is the answer.

That’s Where We Come In.

Our belief is that People are the fuel for your business engine.

KeenAlignment implements our proven, proprietary and Quality Hiring Conscious Hiring® workflow program in your organization, and trains your internal Talent Acquisition and Employee Selection team members to leverage their ability to operate on behalf of the bigger organizational picture. We either train and mentor your team remotely, or work side-by-side with your team members to utilize this world-class employee selection, hiring and new hire onboarding process. Your team gets all the training, skills and empowerment needed to be people optimization consultants inside your organization. When this happens, your HR, Talent Acquisition and People Operations Team becomes a direct conduit to organizational effectiveness, systemic growth and cultural alignment.

The Conscious Hiring® workflow allows your team to match the mission and brand promise of your organization with the competencies, attitudes and belief systems, as well as values-driven motives of qualified candidates. Conscious Hiring® is a quality hiring and onboarding system, and the doorway to building a constructive, high-performance culture. It affords you the competitive advantage of having an established values-based employee selection process. When businesses implement a Conscious Hiring® workflow, each and every role in the organization is aligned with the bigger picture and strategic intent. When the people in the workforce experience the alignment between their role and the organizational goals and objectives, they naturally operate congruently with moving the business forward.

The Payoff

  • Job descriptions are deconstructed and new 21st Century custom and purpose-aligned roles are created to directly impact the business mission, vision and strategy.
  • Benchmark the needs of the role, and the behavior and competencies required for the role to fulfill on its key result areas and purpose.
  • Attract, vet, develop and retain future leaders steeped in aligned values and create a working leadership bench for your organization.
  • Hiring managers gain an elaborate understanding of what makes employees tick, their strengths, and opportunities for development.
  • People say yes for the right reasons when you connect their personal purpose to the purpose of the business and of their role in the company. When this happens, you are set up for success in all aspects of the business.

When organizations view hiring as the doorway to shaping a constructive culture, and operate the hiring workflow in alignment with the core values and purpose of the enterprise, the natural outcome is elevated employee engagement and improved organizational performance.

The first step to an optimized workforce is quality hiring...

& the first step to quality hiring is a free strategy call with us.

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