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High Praise for KeenAlignment Strategic Talent Solutions: Rave Reviews for Magi Graziano

Speaking and Training Testimonials

Margaret was a true inspiration to the ENTIRE audience, I am getting emails left & right about her and her message! I took away so much from her speech & will attempt to integrate it in my everyday activities! The part that stuck with me the most was her awareness activity, the circle. It showed me how much time I spend in the negative & need to move more of my day into the positive! Understanding that it is not an overnight switch, but it gave me the push I needed to make the change, for me as an individual. I know a ton of Admins were requesting we bring her back for a full session (YAY!)

Haley Tomlinson, Conference Events Rep at Northrop Grumman

Comments from various attendees at recent National After Sales Meeting:

Great speaker!

High Energy, Informative and eye opening!

If I could rate higher than a five I would, probably the best breakout session of any meeting I have been too!

Magi was fantastic. Made me think more about my own performance. Excellent thought-provoking seminar!


Magi had great energy and brought a new approach to the hiring mindset. I appreciated that she gave us insight on how to hire right to be sure that it is a beneficial relationship for everyone involved.

Ashleigh Sims, 2017 Conscious Hiring, BOOST Denver

Magi’s presentation was outstanding. Everyone that I have spoken to since her presentation today has raved about her presentation and content. She offered some thought provoking ideas and learning opportunities for everyone. We are very appreciative of her time to come here and her expertise.

Sharon Brown, Corporate Director of Human Resources at Moseley Associates, Inc.

Among a group of young HR professionals in CA with primarily 2 to 5 years experience in the HR field, ‘Maximize Your HR Effectiveness’ rated as excellent with high-impact content to effectuate success in HR. Margaret’s passion, high engagement and expertise clearly resonated with attendees providing rave reviews.

2015 Young Professionals Summit, NCHRA
Fidelis Enterprise Solutions

I recently attended Margaret’s CERS certification and Talent Strategy 3.0 class in Las Vegas. It was, by far, the best training class I’ve attended. Margaret’s passion makes her a dynamic speaker. Her forward thinking insight into talent acquisition and retention speaks to her immense knowledge and understanding of the real issues facing today’s employers. Her expertise and wisdom on how to implement these philosophies to add to your offerings, has proved invaluable. I highly recommend Keen Alignment and Margaret to anyone wanting to be on the leading edge of the staffing and recruiting industry.

Karen Richards, CPC, CERS, President, Fidelis Enterprise Solutions
Gecko Hospitality

I’ve known Margaret for almost 5 years and have had the pleasure of hearing her speak on numerous occasions. Margaret’s passion for her profession is only second to her knowledge of employee behavior. If a company or group was looking for a speaker who can captivate their audience on employment behavior practices, then Margaret would surely be the one.

Robert Krzak, CPC, CERS Gecko Hospitality

I have had Margaret speak to my Vistage groups about the War for Talent and she shared excellent ideas about what’s going on in the economy and the recruiting space. Additionally, I have referred Margaret to my clients to help them with recruiting and background checks. All reports have been superlative.

Gil Herman, Chair, Vistage

Margaret is smart and energetic; She keeps the audience engaged and makes great points that are real world.

John Wise, Sales Executive EDI

Margaret Graziano with KeenAlignment offered our YMCA professionals a half-day workshop on best hiring and management practices. Margaret was engaging, personable, and enthusiastic. Her presented material was very beneficial, useful, and practical. Margaret was easy to work with, dependable and inspiring to our YMCA management team.

Rob Sauvajot, Executive Director at YMCA

Margaret has been a speaker with the Northern California HR Association for many years. She is a highly respected speaker and very knowledgeable on the subjects of recruiting and interviewing. Our audience always gets a great deal of knowledge and takeaways from her presentations. She is also great to work with as she is always responsive and is a genuinely nice person. I would definitely recommend her as a speaker.

Kenneth Yip, Program Manager at Northern California HR Association

Talent & Business Strategy Testimonials

UC Davis Center of Human Services

Directors and deputies of CA Human Services Agencies engage in our Executive Program for networking and leadership education/training. ‘Talent Strategy 3.0’ training provided our members a high-quality, high-impact overview that will allow them to drill down into specific areas discussed. Margaret’s speaking and facilitation of group discussion and exercises reinforced the key learning of generational issues and dynamics in the current workforce. The overall quality was great, content is dynamic and valuable, and the delivery was engaging.

Beth Cohen, Ph.D., Consultant/Coordinator, UC Davis Center of Human Services
Core Laboratories

I would highly recommend Margaret to help your business increase its bottom line by creating innovative staffing solutions. She should be viewed as a resource, not a vendor.

Andy Macklin, CPC, CTS, CSP Technical Recruiter at Core Laboratories

Understanding the road map on how EDI will be operating opening up how others prefer to work and accepting situations. KeenAlignment Talent Management provided a process to enlighten people in their daily communication personally and professionally in order to grow and connect more effectively for financial and personal gain.

Karl Maurer, Sales Executive EDI
Carousel Motors

Margaret is a dynamic leader and mentor. She runs an innovative organization and is always pushing herself to the next level—whether it is as an employer, business owner, or consultant. Margaret has an amazing work ethic and is at the top of her game. I can do nothing but recommend her to anyone interested in being associated with the best.

Jean Brokaw (Sellnau), Business Manager at Carousel Motors

Margaret brings exceptional leadership to our company. She transformed our thinking about how to grow our business and lead our sales force. She also has valuable insight as a coach and mentor.

Meg Hanna, Human Resources Executive at M Squared Consulting

What I love about Margaret is her passion and intelligence. She is a very powerful and creating woman. Margaret can definitely get the job done. She is focused like a laser beam. She also has a keen insight into what motivates people and her clients.

Bruce Hodes, President at CMI, Speaker, Author, Business Coach and Consultant

We engaged the KeenHire, a KeenAlignment company, team to help us with a recruitment and selection need we had. Margo and her team helped us identify the traits we were looking for in our Sales and Operational personnel. We used their assessment tools to profile our top performers so we understood the drivers for success. KeenHire, a KeenAlignment company, then built a recruitment and employment selection process that saved us time and money by only bringing forth the top candidates. The KeenAlignment team conduced screening, interviewing, behavioral interviewing and assessments on each finalist and is then coaching our team on how to get the most out of our new people.

Simon Rickman, Consultant at Spring & Director/Trustee

My company has had occasion to use Margaret’s HR services for several years. She is thoroughly acquainted with resourcing and assessing staff personnel and executives. We have been very pleased with her work.

George Kriza, President, CEO MTC Performance

I’ve been in business for 26 years now and have recently engaged Margaret for a variety of tasks including work force optimization and overall strategic planning. The assessments done on staff were right on the money and provided a clear direction of how to manage moving forward. Her wealth of knowledge and insight into personnel and how to plan and execute a strategic plan for our business has become invaluable. Her fees will be paid for ten-fold as we grow the business to heights even I could not have imagined. If you’re considering Margaret in any aspect of your business, rest assured she’s the real deal and you don’t need to look any further.

John Allen, 28 year veteran in Safety
Primus Electronics

Visionary, creator, catalyst: just a few words to describe Margaret Graziano! Margaret has a passion for people and a business style that adds high value to her business acumen.

Brian Anderson, Territory Sales Manager at Primus Electronics

Running a growing business is a difficult thing to do. One of the biggest challenges can be finding and attracting the right talented personnel to deliver great results. Margo Graziano and KeenHire, a KeenAlignment company, have been a tremendous asset to me and my company. In the past two years, we have worked together to staff 10 positions in my department alone—and dozens more company-wide. KeenAlignment is resourceful and efficient, and the candidates they have identified have quickly become some of the key drivers of our company’s success.

James Kennedy, Sr. VP, Sales and Marketing at Duncan Solutions

Margaret has been a tremendous resource for our business. She provided necessary support and guidance in hiring and screening our associates to ensure the right hires for our organization. We are now a more efficient and high performing organization, and she is helping us create the vision and culture we desire. If you thought you knew everything about how to run your company, think again. Margaret can bring you to the next level to create a more harmonious workforce, more efficiency and more profit. Whatever you invest in her consulting will result in a hefty return. You cannot afford to NOT hire her.

Wittwer Parkin

Margaret does a great job helping to understand what you are looking to accomplish around talent and role assessment. She puts together a comprehensive program that is very thorough and is also very detailed. The results are distinct and the participants in the program come away with a good view on how they stack up talent-wise based on the role definition. Management comes away with a description of what role they are hiring for and what they need to look for during the interview process. We found Margaret very helpful and great to work with.

Steve De Marco, Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Xactly Corporation

Wi-Tronix had a light bulb moment when they knew that they needed a Corporate University, but didn’t know the right questions to ask or what the right answers would look like. Both the questions and the answer came with the help of Margaret Graziano and her team from Keen Alignment.

Margaret recommended that Wi-Tronix hold a week long Needs Assessment to find where the gaps were. Within a week it was discovered that what Wi-Tronix needed was a University AND a clearly defined Talent Strategy based on a surveyed group of employees, managers, and executives.

From that assessment, a 2-Day Content and Learning Development Event was custom created for Wi-Tronix in order to get answers to those questions. Margaret and her team were successful at extracting opinions, facts, and figures in order to choose the right software and a strategy to get training to employees quickly and efficiently.

While there is no such things as a single out of the box solution for every company, Margaret and her team were able to find out exactly what Wi-Tronix needed to continue to deliver 5-star service to their customers. Keen is now a facilitator to Wi-Tronix’s success through their assistance in authoring courses for the University and by sharing templates and tools for better understanding the company’s Talent.

Sue Schultz, Vice President, Human Resources at Wi-Tronix
Open Space Authority

If you knew there were a set of tools and methods that would launch your workforce and organization to the next level, wouldn’t you feel compelled to use them? Your business can move beyond surviving to thriving with the expertise of Margaret Graziano and the KeenAlignment group. Margaret has been instrumental in optimizing the efficiency and operations of the Open Space Authority through in-depth organizational development from top to bottom: Board of Directors to line staff. Her depth of knowledge in understanding people, personalities and work types has been invaluable in creating our high-functioning workforce.

Lauren Monack, Director of Administration and Finance at Santa Clara County Open Space Authority
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