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We believe that every business can improve on their ability to hire, develop and retain the right people by implementing a comprehensive talent management strategy.That’s why we created the Talent Strategy University. Through the training workshops and webinars found in our “colleges” of information, you’ll gain the keys to maximizing the value of your company and the people inside.

Talent Strategy University

Conscious Hiring® Training Courses

Conscious Hiring® Webinar

Through this presentation, you’ll discover the real cost of a bad hire, how to use performance-based role analysis, assessment tools, and behavioral interviews.

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Conscious Hiring® Workshop

Imagine how your business could perform if you were empowered to create the workforce you always wanted—an engaged, inspired team, in which every person is in a job that brings out their best.

Specially crafted for HR professionals, this hiring workshop will show you how to refine your hiring and onboarding processes, attract the right candidates, and build an engaged workforce.

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Conscious Hiring® Certification

Transform your people management and optimize the human potential in your workforce with our Human Resources Institute Accredited certification program. This program is for Corporate Executives & Business Leaders and Internal HR & Talent Acquisition Professionals.

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Values Based Behavioral Interviewing Workshop

Recruiters and hiring managers—Join us for this insightful and fun program that encompasses every aspect of targeted selection and behavioral interviewing.

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Values Based Behavioral Interviewing Certification

The world is changing… are you? Have you upgraded your hiring process to accommodate the shift in your business and talent need?

Our behavioral based interviewing certification program empowers recruiters and hiring managers to secure and retain right-fit talent.

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Workforce Optimization & Talent Development Courses

21st Century Talent Strategy Webinar

In this talent strategy webinar, you’ll gain insights into how the workforce is changing and how you can help your company optimize its people.

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21st Century Talent Strategy Workshop

Optimize your workforce! This talent strategy workshop challenges you to think differently about every stage of talent cycle: hiring, retaining, leading.

  • Gain a thorough, well-rounded perspective and understanding of the drivers, barriers, and implications of the 21st century workforce so you’re fully prepared to meet the needs of the people you want to attract, hire and engage.
  • Learn effective strategies for attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people for the company, and confidently position your organization as a primary attractor of high-quality, motivated people.
  • Create recruiting, hiring, onboarding, learning and development, and succession planning initiatives that are aligned with your corporate business strategy, purpose, and philosophy.
  • Design and refine employee messaging, specifically your Employee Value Proposition, so the right people are compelled to come to work—and continue working for—your company, for the right reasons.

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21st Century Talent Strategy Certification

21st Century Talent Strategy Certification empowers you to synergize your business (and people) strategy so you become the source of a profound workforce shift.

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Talent rEvolution

Talent rEvolution guides you in eliminating ineffective HR and workforce paradigms, so you create a powerful, aligned, inspired workforce.

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Maximize Your HR Effectiveness Workshop

This live experiential workshop designed for HR professionals like you who want to positively impact their work community and be instrumental in creating an optimized and engaged workforce.

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Maximize Your Leadership Effectiveness Workshop

Get the distinctions and tools you need to optimize your natural talents, passion and strengths so you can make the impact you have always wanted to make.

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