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Stratify HR

Optimizing Business for Scale through Strategic People Solutions

Strategic HR implementation is when Human Resources shift from a department that provides administrivia and transactions to an integral power in the business that partners with executives. HR becomes strategic, creates high-quality interactions with the workforce and moves the business strategy forward through aligned, engaged and productive leadership of people.

Strategic HR is:

  • Business, systems, and conceptual thinking
  • Long-range planning
  • Bridging the gap between people and the strategy
  • Development of a talent strategy and employee value proposition
  • Implementation of Conscious Hiring™
  • Delivering engaging onboarding and employee retention strategies

As a result, people are not just showing up to work for a paycheck but they are bringing it all and fully engaged for the purpose of fulfilling the mission, the vision and the values of the organization. The right HR department – a strategic, integrated HR department – operates in tandem with the business.

When your company breaks free from the restraints of archaic hiring and management methods and begins to recruit, hire and onboard in a conscious manner, it has an organization-wide benefit. When your managers learn to lead in a way that brings out the best in themselves and others, turnover drops, employee engagement and retention improves, workforce productivity increases and your customers and clients are more apt to return.