Lead Effectively, Empower Your People and Achieve Your Mission

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Cultivating a High-Performance Corporate Culture - 21 Day Framework

In this free video series, you'll receive one email per day with a short video and action steps to begin shaping the right kind of organizational culture for your business and the people who operate it. 


Response Agility - Leading In Times of Crisis

This 1 hour, on demand webinar gives you the tools needed to lead in times of crisis, uncertainty and major change because what's needed right now are strong leaders. 

"Name It Tool" - Circle Process

This is one of the tools our customers use when it comes to naming what they're feeling while operating Above or Below the Line of effectiveness. Naming it is important in the process of self-care, the mind-body connection, owning your space and contributing to the greater whole.

The Business Survival Series

Become the kind of leader people look for in times of great challenge with this 4-part series. These on-demand webinars give you access to leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, business operating systems, spiritual leadership and wellness, and collaboration.  


"6 Big Rocks" Accountability Tracker

This is one of the most widely-used sheets by everyone on the KeenAlignment team. When priorities, productivity, and accountability are paramount, this one pager can help keep you focused. 

MOMENTUM - Breakthrough Results for Remote Teams

Boost engagement and productivity in your remote teams and take them from good to great (even in tumultuous times). 

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Stakeholder Centered Coaching For Remote Teams

Boost performance and engagement in your remote teams using the power of Stakeholder Centered Coaching. Learn how to implement this tool immediately in this 1 hour webinar. 

New To Zoom?

Download this detailed manual so you can host and attend remote team meetings like a pro!