Lead A Thriving Organizational Culture Through Alignment Of Your Business Strategy And Your People

Even perfect business strategies and motivating leaders cannot out-perform a misaligned corporate culture. Your organizational culture sets the tone for your workforce’s behaviors, attitudes, and ultimately whether or not the company’s mission, vision and values are realized. 

You know you’re facing a misaligned culture when your organization experiences low morale, disengaged employees, high turnover rates and negative customer experiences, all of which dramatically reduce productivity and profits.  

Imagine a thriving organizational culture. Your workforce is mostly inspired, accountable and innovative - they are eager to show up to work and contribute to the success of the organization. Productivity and profits improve and your business experiences acceleration and momentum. 

Signs Of A Misaligned Culture

  • Low Morale
  • High Turnover
  • Lack of Employee Engagement
  • Poor Customer Retention
  • Stifled Innovation
  • In-fighting
  • Unhealthy competition
  • Defensive/aggressive behaviors
  • Passive/aggressive behaviors

Our Organizational Culture Solutions

Cultural Alignment Programs, Trainings, and Workshops

Contact us to learn more about our organizational culture programs and workshops and how you can begin shaping a workplace culture that fosters engagement, peak-performance, higher profitability and total alignment of people and strategy.

  • Kickstart your culture with our Culture Quick Start package, made up of our
    • Ideal Vs Actual Culture Diagnostic
    • Vision, Mission, and Values Program
    • Interactive and Experiential Level-Set Workshop
  • Obtain mastery-level guidance in creating a culture team that facilitates cultural alignment systems from within. with our Culture Coalition Creation Program 


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corporate-cultureWhat Our Cultural Alignment Programs Can Do For You

Taking on 100% responsibility for the success of your organization’s workforce investment can be daunting. You may feel underprepared, overwhelmed and challenged as to where to begin.

KeenAlignment builds custom solutions that put you in the driver’s seat and empower YOU to lead the way. Standing for an aligned and engaged workforce that creates tangible business results, earns the respect and admiration of the people you support and influence.

Achieving a good company culture means business leaders and executives bring alignment to the business strategy, the people and the organizational culture. Through this, companies accomplish their goals and objectives and allow for growth so they can move with velocity.

For our customers, the level of achievement gained through improving company culture has resulted in: 

  • Up to 20% decrease in operating expenses
  • 30% decrease in unwanted turnover
  • 45% increase in discretionary effort
  • Up to 35% increase in overall engagement and performance
  • Up to 25% increase in bottom line profit

Check out our Case Studies that back these statistics.


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