Reach Your Full Potential as a Leader During Our Momentum Coaching Program. 

Learn More About the Benefits of Leadership Development Coaching

Being a good leader is more than
delegating tasks. 

To create a high-performing and healthy team, you need to be intentional and purposeful as a leader. Good leaders have emotional intelligence and empathy, helping others grow and succeed. 

Our 12-month Momentum Coaching Program utilizes holistic leadership tools. We incorporate the best practices in people management so leaders can lead with integrity and authenticity. 

When you sign up for our leadership development program, you'll get partnered with an executive coach. They'll create a customized program tailored to fit your needs and goals. 


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What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is an effective way to take leadership development to a more sustainable and profound level. Leaders who receive tailored coaching become more self-aware, improve their critical thinking skills, and build high-performing teams. 

When you sign up for our Momentum Coaching program, your coach will identify your opportunities for growth, strengths, and goals. We'll work with you to create a coaching solution for your organization's challenges. 

We help leaders tap into their inner selves to unlock their full potential through the following tactics:

  • Developing their leadership vision 

  • Establishing outcomes, goals, and intentions 

  • Organizational gap analysis 

  • Establishing employee engagement and alignment 

  • Developing culture, people, and strategy visioning 

  • Creating key business objectives and priorities 

You'll work 1:1 with one of our Keen Alignment executive coaches. Throughout the program, you'll learn how to tap into your intentional leadership potential by developing your intuition. You'll discover how to understand how others are feeling and quickly assess a situation. 

What Do We Focus on During Our Leadership Coaching Program?

Your coaching program will be customized to meet your professional and personal goals. Our areas of focus include:

Areas of Focus

Our expert leadership trainers and coaches tailor a program customized to meet your personal and professional goals, as well as organizational needs.

Assess Leadership

Gain a clear understanding of your leadership style with an assessment of 78 competencies, motivators and workstyles

Achieve Goals

Create a context for winning and become 100% responsible for your actions

Build EQ

Perceive, understand and manage your emotions and feelings to lead with curiosity and engagement

Inspire Others

Discover and become masterful in creating superior alignment and engagement in your workforce

Retrain Your Brain

Form high-performance habits through neuroplasticity, conscious choice and mindfulness exercises and trainings 

Lead High-Performing Teams

Elevate the level of excellence within your organization through a culture of alignment, collaboration and innovation

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Lee Rauscher.jpeg

"Through coaching with Magi, I achieved personal and professional growth that put me on the path to be the leader I want to be. Her ability to meet people where they are with warm candor, humor and inspirational guidance helped me identify behaviors that didn’t serve me or my organization, and consciously align my leadership values with our organizational values and priorities. Leading in harmony with my values empowered me to step into my role as a senior leader in the organization and confidently bring out the best in my team."

— Lea Rauscher, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

How Our Process Works


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We Get to Know You

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Become an Empowered Leader

Transform your organization through intentional leadership. 

Why Keen Alignment's Leadership
Coaching is So Effective

At Keen Alignment, we understand the importance of effective leadership. Leaders help inspire others in their organization, empowering them to succeed. 

Our Momentum Coaching Program is designed to help leaders transform themselves and those around them. As a result, their businesses grow and prosper. 

Our leadership coaching program will take your organization to the next level and accelerate your potential. 

Become a Better Leader with Our Momentum Coaching Program 

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