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Research from Gallup reports only 18% of leaders today report they feel qualified to lead. Due to this crisis of competency and confidence, leadership development is one of the most important steps an organization takes to bring alignment and synergy to the leadership team. When the training and development does not deliver the expected results, executives lose passion and disengage. When the executives disengage, it is game over. The first step in any development effort is to understand the outcomes you intend to produce by initiating the development. Defining the metrics that matter is the only way to measure effectiveness of a leadership development program. With the KeenAlignment diagnostic, you are assured that your leadership 

development program is targeted towards the exact areas of required growth.

KeenAlignment delivers a powerful “MRI” of your leadership capacity and competency. Our leadership benchmark can be used for your entire organization or for a specific leadership team. A leadership benchmark gives valuable data that tells you how your people operate, lead, think, interact with others, process information and view the work that needs to get done, the people that need to do it, and the system as a whole.
A KeenAlignment leadership benchmark includes a full diagnostic and prescription for raising the level of effectiveness among your leaders.

People walk away with leading-edge strategies for identifying the capabilities, behaviors and perspectives certain to result in high-functioning teams. We provide practical, real-time solutions that nurture an environment of collaboration, innovation and excellence throughout your organization. Your leaders gain clear guidelines on how to build teams that elevate the contribution of your entire workforce, accelerate productivity, and consistently deliver superior customer service.

Here is what our customers say about our Maximizing Leadership Effectiveness Program:

“As a business with a mission to be a world-class organization, the growth of our senior leadership team is of utmost importance. KeenAlignment has developed our management team to be more cohesive vs. individualistic or territorial with our operations, and this has put us on the pathway to becoming a world-class company sooner than anticipated. We now understand that we all wear the same jersey, and by working and growing together, we’ll have a lasting impact on Clow Valve as a whole organization. 

My personal growth as a senior-level manager has been significantly impacted, and has affected the direction I take in my leadership. I was never much for public speaking, and with Keen’s training, I have gained the courage and confidence to take a stand and speak up to make a difference. I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and engaging with my people, motivating my team and encouraging them to speak up and make a difference as well. Regardless of whether you’re a janitor or the CEO, we’re all in this together and part of the whole big picture. 

KeenAlignment’s training approach is unique, as they encourage you to become better regardless of what it looks like. It’s not always easy, and they don’t let that get in the way of standing for your development. The assignments and work are impactful, and whether it’s a personal coaching or group training session, it’s all about receiving feedback from you as a participant in terms of what you’re hearing and learning for yourself, so it’s very professionally laid out. Most world-class organizations will want to take advantage of this higher learning!”

John Grahek
Assistant Plant Manager, Clow Valve

I’ve been in business for 26 years now and have recently engaged Margaret for a variety of tasks including workforce optimization and overall strategic planning. The assessments done on staff were right on the money and provided a clear direction of how to manage moving forward. Her wealth of knowledge and insight into personnel and how to plan and execute a strategic plan for our business has become invaluable. Her fees will be paid for ten-fold as we grow the business to heights even I could not have imagined. If you’re considering Margaret in any aspect of your business, rest assured she’s the real deal and you don’t need to look any further.”

John Allen
President, Product Safety Consulting

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