US Organizations Face A Crisis Of Leadership Capacity

Only 35% of all managers report they are engaged in their role.

Only 18% of all people in leadership roles believe they have the skill to lead.

Only 10% of the workforce believes they have the skill to lead.

To make matters worse, Gallup reports that 50% of US employees left a job to get away from their manager at least once in their career. 

Why Is Leadership Development Important?

Poor leadership is a major root cause of disengaged employees. Disengaged people, managers and employees negatively affect your organization in a multitude of ways. From not delivering on key objectives and missing targets and deadlines to spoiling employee morale and diminishing the customer experience.

Leadership Development and training is the best thing you can do for your organization.

Employee retention, employee engagement and employee performance stem from effective leadership. When your leadership team members realizes their impact on the people they lead, understand the people who report to them, learn what makes them tick and tap into employees' core motivations, they naturally get better at leading others. When your leaders gain the ability to inspire employee engagement and contribution they ultimately gain traction towards realizing organizational objectives with velocity. 

Leadership Development Video

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Your Path To Peak-Performing Leadership

Learn more about our highly effective Leadership Development Programs

  • Begin your journey with our Leadership Agility Assessment
  • Drive results in your remote teams with our Momentum program
  • Align your team and develop your leaders to THRIVE through and after COVID-19 with our Leadership Survival Series
  • Empower women leaders through our Ignite Power Immersion program
  • Understand the Neuroscience and human mechanics with Response Agility
  • Create your path to your highest level of leadership effectiveness with our Executive Coaching options
  • Get the full leadership development package with our 12-18 month 21st Century Leadership program


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Our strategic coaching and leadership development programs focus on:

  • Maximizing leadership effectiveness
  • Building high-performing teams
  • The relationship between Neuroscience and effective leadership
  • Personal and team productivity
  • Training and Development of Emerging Leaders
  • Establishing trust, vulnerability, and authenticity
  • Employee development
  • Guiding leaders in making Conscious Hiring decisions

How We Do It

  • Explore each leader’s competencies and strengths, as well as their areas of weakness as a leader and give each leader a recipe to bridge the gap of their competencies so they can maximize their leadership effectiveness and bring the company forward.
  • Exponentially raise the efficacy of leaders through self-awareness, recognition of impact, conversational intelligence, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and leadership.
  • Elevate the ability and acumen of leaders to inspire, motivate and optimize their people.
  • Encourage leaders to meet people where they are, empowering them to flourish and thrive.
  • Teach people who lead people to recognize and appreciate where their employees are today, and empower and enable them for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Develop the capacity to build a high-performing team and sustain an environment of trust, transparency, creativity, innovation, celebration, and recognition.

21st century leaders maximize the potential of their people while optimizing their own leadership competencies. They’re aware of and responsive to what motivates, strengthens and sabotages the abilities, dedication, and productivity of their people.

KeenAlignment’s leadership development program propels your leadership, offers telling leadership assessments and provides your supervisors and managers the strategic coaching and 21st century training they need to skillfully lead, develop and retain today’s workforce. As a result, you catapult your leadership competencies, achieve your business goals, and retain exceptional, engaged employees.

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