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Keynote Speaker Margaret Graziano Delivers the Talent Strategy Today's Businesses Need to Win

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That’s why they turn to keynote speaker Margaret (Magi) Graziano, a talent management expert with over 20 years experience helping business leaders develop high performance teams. A wizard in every phase of the talent life cycle, Magi infuses her vivacious personality and “let’s do this now!” approach into her solution-focused keynote presentations.

A funny, provocative, and straight-to-the-point keynote speaker, Magi challenges existing hiring and employee retention paradigms at every turn. She offers instead exciting, groundbreaking, yet actionable ways for companies to make the most of their people investment and gain a talent advantage.

Employee Engagement Ideas That Work!

Magi's Most Requested Topics

Available as Keynotes, Workshops, and Full-Day Seminars

Conscious Hiring® 

If people are the fuel for your business engine, is your workforce the high-octane fuel your business needs to win? Or, is it just the watered-down version that causes your engine to sputter all the way down the track?

Conscious Hiring® is an innovative and powerful methodology for attracting and selecting high-performing, engaged employees that propel your business forward and achieve compelling results.

In this exciting, interactive presentation, audience members will gain strategies for:

  • Attracting, hiring & optimizing a values driven 21st Century Workforce
  • Developing role requirements aligned with corporate strategy
  • Inner Viewing, evaluating and assessing Candidates
  • Refining employee on-boarding, engagement and retention

Talent rEvolution 

Would you like to transform your company’s talent strategy to ensure you are consistently attracting and hiring the right people? What if you could continuously maximize their unique talents after hiring?

Imagine learning how to engage with those “perfect match” employees in a way that emphasizes their values and keeps them feeling appreciated, so they remain with your company long-term, as motivated high-performers.

You can! When you shift your mindset and perspective around how people work in your organization, and examine the structures that most impact your workforce, you can empower your team to be more innovative, effective, and productive.

In this program, attendees will discover how to:

  • Shift from a head count driven organization to a culturally aligned, optimized workforce
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Nurture an inclusive corporate culture that promotes innovation and productivity
  • Inspire their leaders to unleash the human potential within the organization

Maximize Your Leadership Effectiveness 

Maximize Your Leadership Effectiveness gives leaders the distinctions and tools they need to optimize their natural talents, passion and strengths so they can make the impact they have always wanted to make.

In this presentation, leaders learn how to navigate their responses to the situations and challenges in the workplace and in the communities they engage with.

In this program, leaders will discover how to:

  • Bring out the best in themselves and others
  • Learn how to be aware of and direct their beliefs, emotions, thoughts, and behavior
  • Create their personal mission and vision
  • Invent actions that inspire and propel them towards their vision
  • Empower themselves to move fluidly through today's world of unforeseen challenges and constant change
  • Raise their level of confidence and esteem
  • Inspire transformation initiatives in all their communities
  • Lead from a place of authenticity and power

21st Century Talent Strategy 

Many companies focus on employee retention as a key corporate initiative. But to excel in today’s complex, competitive business environments, companies must go beyond retention. Workforce engagement is the key to winning in today’s business environment. As a result, the staffing/employment and recruiting functions are more critical than ever to delivering on business strategy.

21st Century Talent Strategy challenges you to think differently about how you hire, onboard and engage the talent that enables your organization to gain and maintain a competitive edge. This program dispels the myths of employment retention issues and provides you with insight, rule-breaking approaches and actionable tools for creating an engaged, inspired workforce.

In this thought-provoking program, attendees will:

  • Uncover critical issues that affect their company's ability to attract and keep good people
  • Gain a strategic approach to assessing their company's real people needs
  • Discover the real cost of employee turnover
  • Learn techniques for empowering their managers to choose people wisely
  • Gain power and prowess in incorporating a talent mindset in their company

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