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“You must play BOLDLY to WIN.”
– Arnold Palmer


The name of the game is Trust & Quality & Integrity. Building trust comes from building grea
t relationships and delivering on what you say you will. Attracting and representing solid candidates takes a keen eye & ear, a good sense of evaluation and solid relationship building skills.

You will create structures for search & selection that catapult your ability to continually bring forth the best to your customers. Planning your search, screening, interviewing, evaluating applicants & effectively communicating with the right candidates will empower you in your candidate partnership building and leverage your power to produce enduring results.

Success Factor for the Sales and Staffing Manager

In every service industry it is becoming clearer that the business is only as successful as the people on the inside. Learn to assess your team from an organizational development perspective, understand their key motivators and accelerators, and leverage those for maximum team effectiveness. Take home they keys of the 5% factor and inspire your team to set stretch goals, create future visions that inspire sales action and implement empowering structures that drive activity, fun and engagement.

Choosing your Talent Wisely-Who is your candidate really?


The life of your company depends on the people inside. With the competitive business climate and the landscape of business continuing to shift; business leaders must master the ability to attract and retain the right people. Knowing how to identify talent with the right competencies, behaviors, values and talent is challenging to say the least.




With Keen Institute`s, KeenHire training programs you learn the steps necessary to guarantee a return on your hiring investment, every time.



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Powerpoint for Who is your candidate really

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Manual for Who is your Candidate Really




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“If you are a coach, human resources professional or recruiter and are looking to differentiate yourself by providing additional services to your clients, I recommend you take some of the classes offered by Margaret Graziano/Keen Hire. The training that Keen Hire provides will lay out specific processes for you to follow that will allow you to add value to your current and future clients by being able to actually implement what you learn! Margo`s enthusiasm and teaching style allows for a safe environment in which to learn and grow. I have taken several Keen Hire classes and really appreciate the thorough process and manuals that are provided. Invest in yourself and give Keen Hire a call today.” July 2, 2009




Vicki Z. Lauter , Principal , Z=mc2 
was with another company when working with Margaret (Margo) at KeenHire.