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Meet The Keen Alignment Workforce Optimization Team

Meet the Team

Magi Graziano

Margaret Graziano

Founder & CEO

Executive Coaching

Margaret provides leadership and neuroscience coaching for high growth C-Suite executives. She brings her talent acquisition and management experience and expertise to human resources executives looking to get to the next level and make an impact.

Strategic Business Consulting

Margaret provides consulting services in business strategy, talent strategy, workforce capacity, scalability, succession planning, organizational transformation, human systems enablement & agile methodology transition. She leads strategic executive offsite meetings and retreats.

Executive Coaching

Leadership and Neuroscience - High Growth C Suite, Sales, Talent Acquisition, HR

Deb Beroset Pic

Deb Beroset

Deb provides leadership and neuroscience coaching for managers and supervisors with a focus on business development, communications and human resources.

Mike Shereck Pic

Mike Shereck

An ICF accredited coach with training in emotional and conversational intelligence. Mike provides leadership coaching for managers and supervisors. He has an extensive background in new business development, manufacturing, infrastructure and construction.

Jill Knocke Pic

Jill Knocke

Jill is a HR, Coaching & Change Management Consultant, has received her Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) designation from the ICF (International Coach Federation) and is an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). Most recently she became a certified Birkman Method Consultant. Her unique blend of business acumen, coaching and pragmatism makes her a highly effective leader in a diverse range of areas. Jill excels at leading people, supporting leaders, and bringing teams together to exceed company targets.

Strategic Business Consulting

Business Strategy, Talent Strategy, Workforce Capacity, Scalability, Succession Planning,
Organizational Transformation,  Human Systems Enablement & Agile Methodology Transition,
Executive Offsite / Strategic Advance

Deb Beroset Pic

Deb Beroset

Deb provides consulting services in employee engagement communication strategies and messaging, scalability and succession planning. She leads strategic executive offsite meetings.

Terrell Jones Pic

Terrell Jones

As Keen's Production Manager, Terrell partners with our course leaders and is accountable for the overall delivery of offsite and strategic retreats.  She is experienced in generating training environments that create an extraordinary customer experience.

Development Consultants

Isaac Preston Pic

Isaac Preston

Isaac is Keen’s E-learning and Development Consultant. He brings more than 16 years experience in interactive, web-based learning development and delivery. Well-versed in adult learning theory, Isaac continually applies innovative learning modalities to training, streamlining and evolving the methods in which his customers receive and interact with online courses.

Hanna Pebworth Pic

Hanna Pebworth

Hanna, an ICF certified coach specializing in millennial success, is a Learning & Development Consultant. She excels in project management and facilitating change, and is currently evolving as an instructional designer. Her areas of expertise include: Course creation, Emerging leader training and coaching, Conscious Hiring and Experiential learning.